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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Preparing your home for sale

I recently read an article that advised home sellers to prepare their home by making it kid proof.

Most advice about preparing a home for sale addresses things like removing excess "stuff," cleanliness, curb appeal, fixing those little issues often ignored by owners.

As for kid proofing a home I suggest you think about who your likely buyer will be...young families, for instance.

Although no seller should expect to have children running loose in their home during showings I have seen it happen.

Still, put away items that will attract kids.  I guess this means anything small that can be picked up.   Just this week I had a family in one of my listings and the little three year guy ran over, grabbed a TV remote and turned on the TV.   Sure his behavior was corrected quickly but his energy level and actions were probably not atypical.

When you are preparing your home for the market expect accidents.   Expect that some guy is going to walk in with filthy shoes and "ruin" that carpet.   Expect that some guy is going to bump into something and crash!

It is not necessary (or advisable) to show off your collectibles.  Also, consider removing small, but valuable, items that could be easily pocketed.

Yes, it is important to deal with appearance issues and curb appeal when preparing to sell your home but lets not forget "Little Timmy" or anyone else. Accidents can happen. Minimize the potential when preparing your home for sale.

Here are a few more useful articles on preparing your home for the market that don't talk about paint, landscaping or the like but rather practical safety and security issues which should never be forgotten.

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