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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Home Seller Tips: What to do when the buyers show up.

When working with home owners selling their Brevard County, Florida home I provide advice on preparing their home for sale.   I also include advice on what to do when showings are scheduled.

My advice when prospective buyers are scheduled to see their home - leave.
Buyers want the privacy to view your home under the oversight of their real estate agent.  Prospective buyers need circumstances to promote open discussion about your home while in your home.

The one thing a prospective buyer does not need is a guided tour with commentary from a seller.  If a seller's real estate agent has done a satisfactory job the marketing materials will highlight the property's strengths.

Still, not all information can be included in the limited space of a multiple listing entry.  Sometimes it is necessary to generate additional information to display in a place where it will be readily seen by all (kitchen counter, table, etc).   This may include customized flyers, the results of a pre-listing home inspection, sample utility bills (buyers always want to know) and whatever else a seller wants to provide.

When it is time for the home inspection after a contract is negotiated I offer the same advice - leave.

The property inspection is between the buyer and the inspector.   If there is an issue the buyer's agent will advise the seller through the seller's real estate agent.

If it is not possible for a seller to leave due to illness, etc. it is advisable to greet the prospective buyers and their agent (ask for business card or identification for safety), and then grab a seat on the porch or wherever.

Buyer and seller should meet at the closing table.  In the interim let the real estate agents do their job.

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