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Thursday, April 24, 2014

If Buying or Selling a Home in Florida, Share this with me, please.

Whether working with buyers or sellers there is one common element - a lot of questions.  The purpose of the inquiry is to not look for some deep dark secret but to gain an understanding of the purpose.

Very often I find myself working with buyers moving to Florida from the north east.  One of my major questions to them during that first visit is "What must you accomplish while here to make this a successful trip?"

With sellers, although phrased differently, the intent is the same.  Define success.

I need my buyers and seller customers to share their expectations.  Knowing what one expects will shape strategies.

More importantly, if the expectations are a little too optimistic it allows us to discuss the realities of the market and hopefully re-establish realistic expectations.

No one wants to go home after a house hunting trip to Florida thinking..."Why did I waste my time?"

Likewise, no seller wants to have their life constantly disrupted without an offer or when finally receiving an offer that is not even close to their expectations.

With clearly defined expectations, we can work together to achieve success.

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