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Monday, April 28, 2014

Why does it matter if I work with more than one agent?

While many real estate agents share many of the same skills not just any agent is the best choice for a consumer - especially the agent with the sign out front of a house for sale.

Your real estate agent works with you (and for you) by gaining an understanding of your circumstances, goals and requirements.

So when someone who is considering buying a home in Melbourne, Florida calls me I ask several questions to gain an understanding of their needs as well as determine if I am the best one to provide that help.  If I am not the expert I will likely refer the caller to someone better suited.

What type of questions should the caller expect?

The above questions will not illicit all the details I will need to move forward but they will help determine how much energy to put in my response to the caller.  More importantly, the answers  will help me determine the urgency and direction to go forward (set up auto searches in MLS, meet in person, set up showings, refer to a mortgage lender, etc.). 

Why does it matter if I work with only one agent?  Your own real estate agent will understand your needs, be able to provide a single contact point for your search as well as answer questions and, more importantly, can guide you through the entire home purchase process

Ready to buy a house or condo in Melbourne, Florida?  Call me at 321-693-3850.  You already know the questions I will ask!

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