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Friday, May 02, 2014

Brevard County, Florida Schools - Buying a Home for School Assignment

Buying a home because of school assignment can be very tricky. OK, maybe not tricky but with some potential uncertainty.

How does one decide which Brevard County, Florida school is best?  I guess some consider newer as better.  Some will look at some type of grading or ranking.  Some will just consider the location (neighborhood schools).  Some will base the quality on reputation.  Some will rely on what "they" say... now, again, who are "they?"

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Real estate fact:  School quality affects real estate prices

Similarly, crime rate, location, proximity to amenities, and other qualities impact prices.  It is all about location.

If a buyer has children who will be attending schools now or in a year or so, then the school assignment and quality will likely not change.   If the children are five or more years away from school age/grade, the entire picture may change in the interim.

When I work with prospective home buyers in Brevard County, Florida I always recommend the buyers personally verify school assignment.  I recommend prospective buyers make an appointment with the school principal and make a visit.

Unrelated directly, I also recommend they check the sexual predator and offender list maintained by the Brevard County Sheriff's Office for their prospective neighborhood.  This list can change as you can't control who moves near you later.

As for school quality and boundaries, I believe school quality is made up of multiple components.

Staffing, students and parents all contribute to making a "good" school.

And, unfortunately, they all change over time.

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