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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Do you really want to negotiate the appliances?

Many times a seller will intentionally leave the appliances off the included items when they list a home for sale with the goal of making them a negotiable item later.   The strategy sometimes works.

Here in Florida some appliances are considered personal property while some, if attached or permanently affixed to the structure, are considered real property.  And real property goes with the house at time of sale unless it is specifically excluded.

As a seller how much does the older appliances add to the value of your home?  If it is old it may run a like a charm but with a higher energy cost.

agent@moving2brevard.comEnergy efficiency should be a consideration when purchasing a home.  Insulation matters.  The efficiency of an air conditioner, especially here in Florida, is a major consideration.  Likewise, the cost of operating an older hot water heater may be higher.  What about a tankless hot water heater?

Back to the title question, is an older appliance really that vital to the transaction?   It depends on the individual circumstances.

If a buyer has little cash reserves then, as a temporary fix, go for the older appliance.  If the resources are available to replace them with appliances with less operating expense, perhaps not.

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