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Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: When is a deal a deal?

I just received my May 2014 Florida Realtor® magazine.   On the cover is an article titled. Multiple offers are Back!

The fact that multiple offers have reappeared in teh Flroda reale staet marekt should be no surprise to real estate agents.

But to many buyers this may be big news.  

With increasing possibilities that more than one offer may be on the table at any given time, buyers need to understand when they have a deal and, more importantly, when they don't.

So when is a deal a deal?

Key point - verbal negotiation may be okay but it is not a written contract.   A person's word is no longer the standard. 

How can a prospective buyer increase their chance of having an offer accepted?  Here are a few points to consider.

Make your offer say "Let's talk."
Improve your chances of having your offer accepted.
Be aware your offer is more than just price.
Give a short response time on any offer.

When is a deal a deal?   A deal is not sealed with a handshake - until after the paper work is signed by all.

Finally, remember this...a counteroffer negates a previous offer.   Likewise, a full price offer does not require any seller to accept your offer.

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I am a Florida real estate broker - no an attorney. For advice on contract law consult a qualified attorney.

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