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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Negotiation Strategies to Sell Your Home

It is probably human nature for home sellers to wonder if the price they received for their home today was the best they could have gotten.

In a rising market this probably does enter into the equation when a seller is making the decision to accept an offer or not.

Should a seller reject or counter the first offer?   When one is negotiating the sale of a home a seller never rarely knows the maximum a buyer will pay unless they have stated their maximum.

And even if the buyer's agent says "this is our final (or only) offer," how does one know that is the case?

And other thoughts start enter into a seller's mind like..."What if I accept an offer before another, possibly larger offer, arrives?"

During this time it is good to remember this.  Act on the known, not the unknown or possibly may be happening.

Finally, selling fast means either the offer price was right with the market or even low.  As a seller you never have to accept any offer so there is no danger of pricing too low.

Or it meant the seller had their eye on their next home.  In a rising market seller a little lower may be advantageous as the next property price is likely increasing as well.

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