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Friday, May 09, 2014

Question from Home Buyer: "Why do you look under the sinks every time we go in a house?"

Not long ago I had a question from a prospective home buyer about why I always look under the kitchen sink when we look at a house.

I am not a contractor, property inspector or much of a handyman but I do know that a lot can be learned by looking under the sinks. 

The most obvious is the presence of an ongoing problem.   Or, perhaps, damage from a previously repaired problem.

But, more importantly, it tells me a lot about the owner.

It tells me about their attitude toward maintenance issues.   Did they keep everything in good condition, ignore problems or finally succumb to the "need" to prepare the home for the market.  Does the house look perfect on the surface?   Could there be other hidden issues?

I am sure it is not a fool proof way of predicting the existence or absence of other issues but it does set my expectations.

As a real estate agent I owe it to my customers to point out obvious problems.  For less obvious unseen problems, buyers will have to rely on the appropriate expert starting with a home inspector.

Home sellers, take note.  Address all the problems you know exist before placing your home on the market.  And if there is a problem - disclose it!

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