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Monday, June 30, 2014

Phillips Landing in Rockledge, Florida: "Does the number of for sale signs mean prices are lower?"

I had a call from someone who was driving around the Phillips Landing neighborhood in Rockledge, Florida over the weekend.    They wanted to know if the prices were low because there were lots of homes for sale in Phillips Landing.  Their assessment of the market was based on "lots of signs" in the neighborhood. 

After explaining the home sales process they understood that just because you see the signs doesn't mean a home is for sale.  (Most real estate agents leave their signs out front of a home to generate phone calls.)

I did provide current market information on Phillips Landing to the caller by email later that day.  Here is some of the same information about homes sold as well as for sale in Phillips Landing in Rockledge.

There are eight homes in Phillips Landing in the process of being sold (probably still have signs out front).  Six of the homes are under contract and two are active listings.

Four of the homes under contract went under contract this month (June 2014).  The two active listings just went on the market this month as well (one just a few days ago).

Homes in Phillips Landing are going under contract pretty quickly.   Take a look at the days on the market for some of these most recent sales in Phillips Landing. [Days on market is the number of days from being listed active until an accepted offer.  Closing may take place up to 30-45 days later.]

1432  Hemingway Blvd - Under contract after one day.  Sold 06/11/14 for $203,500 (97% of original list price)
2190 Bridgeport Circle - Under contract after nine days.  Sold 06/10/14 for $205,000 (99% of original list price).
1930 Bridgeport Circle - Under contract after 12 days on market.  Sold 05/30/14 for $219,900 (97.7% of original list price).
3302 Merrick Avenue - Under contract after three days on market.  Sold 05/14/14 for $196,000  (98% of original list price).

The above recent sales illustrate a couple of key points about the Brevard County, Florida real estate market during the summer of 2014.
  • First, homes that are priced appropriately go under contract quickly.
  • Secondly, sellers are getting what they are asking for in Phillips Landing.   Of course, getting 95%+ of listing price is an indication that sellers are pricing realistically.
Considering selling your Rockledge, Florida home?  Give me a call at 321-693-3850 for a market analysis.  If you are ready to buy a home in Rockledge or Viera, Florida, I can help as well.

Home Buyers and Sellers: Understand the limitations of Zillow Trulia and other sites

I have been reading a lot lately about the impact of Zillow, Trulia and a few other web sites on the real estate business and consumer actions.

While these mega websites have their fans, in my opinion, they provide a limited service.  The challenge for consumers is to understand the limitations. 

People will always seek information that best substantiates their position.   If they are selling a Brevard County, Florida house or condo then a high estimate of value will be the justification for their opinion of price.

On the other side, if they are buyers, a lower value on a site like a property appraiser web site is likely a good piece of useful information.  You can bet they will want to use that information to justify a low ball offer.  Problem here is the property appraiser site does not assign a value that represents the current market price of a property.

But there are other critical factors that are not explained in these sites like the circumstances of the sale  (estate sale, short sale, foreclosure, divorce, fair market sale).  Just this factor alone can cause a price to be an outlier for the area.

And there are the particulars like the condition, updates, school boundaries, future development, traffic and other factors.

And then there are often issues with accuracy and timeliness information. 

So what does a consumer do?   Whether buyer or seller, if one is serious and ready to act, then the place to go is a local Realtor®. 

Local knowledge (boots on the ground, where the rubber meets the road, or however you chose to say it), is critical to making an informed decision.

Your local real estate agent will have access to current information on what is for sale.   Your local real estate agent will have a knowledge of the laws, customs and local practices in the purchase and sale of real estate.  You local real estate agent is available to answer questions and advise.  Your local real estate agent likely lives in the area as well.

Your local real estate agent has some very important reasons to provide the best service and accurate information.   It is their livelihood.  There business reputation depends on providing superior service.  And lets not forget they can be sued because their license implies they are "experts."

Are these web sites local experts?  Your local real estate agent will have a local professional referral network for the additional expert services required in the process (inspectors, surveyors, home stagers, mortgage lenders, etc).

The Internet is a very useful tool to begin your real estaet search but the key is culminating that search with the services of a local real estate expert.

Real Estate Questions and Answers - Florida Homes For Sale


For information on homes for sale in Brevard County, Florida, call Gary Waters at 321-693-385.


The above article appeared in Florida Today newspaper on Sunday June 29, 2014.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Home Buyer Tips: Frequently Asked Questions

First Time Home Buyer Frequently Asked Questions

To the inexperienced buyer the entire home buying process can seem daunting. 

As a real estate agent serving home buyers and sellers in the Melbourne, Florida area I find many buyers have the same questions such as these.
  1. Where do I start?   You can't seriously shop for a home without knowing if you can obtain a mortgage and what your budget will be.  So the most important step in the process is to identify your ability to obtain a mortgage.   A mortgage lender will work with you to identify identifying the best type(s) of mortgage, payments and terms you can afford for your situation (income, debt, credit score, long term goals).
  2. How much will taxes and insurance cost?   I always recommend contacting a local insurance broker to discuss insurance rates.   There is no standard for insurance cost as it varies based on construction, age, location, price of the home and other factors.  As a general rule, consider the closer to the ocean, the higher the cost.  Taxes will be based on the actual cost of your home - not necessarily what the current taxes are this year.  Tax status (exemptions, etc) are established in January every year so the tax for the purchase year have already been set.  Homestead exemption for future years can be filed after closing to be effective the following years. Taxes and insurance are complex issues with no cookie cutter answer.
  3. What about association fees?   Homeowner association fees as well as condo fees vary based on the community.  In areas such as Viera and Suntree there is also a master association so there are in reality two association fees.  In some areas of Viera there is a Community Development District (CDD) which is an additional charge.  Depending on where you purchase these can vary significantly.   Related linksViera East Community Development District    Heritage Isle Community Development District  Viera HOA Information 
  4. How long does the purchase process take?  Normally the time required from getting a property "under contract" to closing is 30-45 days. Of course this may be longer if you are looking at purchasing a short sale property.  A cash purchase can close in a week though so it all depends on the buyer and seller situation.
  5. Should I have a home inspection done?  Always!  The purchase of a home is a significant investment and due diligence is necessary. You must protect yourself and a good place to start is with an inspection by a reputable, reliable, conscientious home inspector.
  6. Should I have an appraisal done even though I am paying cash?   See answer above.
  7. How much do I offer as a downpayment?   I advise buyers put down enough to let the sellers know you are a serious prospect and no more.  There is no formally established chart for escrow money.   Don't worry about your money. It is held by a neutral third p
  8. How safe is this neighborhood?  I always recommend prospective buyers contact the local law enforcement authorities to have their question answered.  As another step I also suggest checking with the sexual offender/predator list on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement web site.   Of course this only tells you who lives in the area now and not who could move in later.
  9. Which school will my child attend?  The school that is the nearest to your home may not be the one assigned for the property.  School assignment boundaries sometimes change.   Again, I recommend buyers contact the local schools or school district office for this answer.
I am not an attorney, tax professional, insurance agent or home inspector.  I recommend consulting the appropriate professional for advice on these issues.

If you are considering purchasing a home in the Viera, Rockledge or Suntree areas of Brevard County I would appreciate an opportunity to work for you.  Please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Monthly Market Summary - May 2014 (Townhouses and Condos) Brevard County, Florida

For information on buying or selling a condo in Brevard County, Florida please send me an email or give me a call at 321-693-3850 (direct).

Monthly Distressed Market May 2014 (Single Family Homes) Brevard County, Florida

The real estate market in Brevard County, Florida continues to be stable with standard sales accounting for about 73% of single family home sales in May 2014.

For information on homes for sale in Melbourne, Florida, please send me an email or give me a call at 321-693-3850.

Home Buyer Tips: The "Why" is important too!

The home buying process is logical and orderly - really!  Still it is very easy for first time home buyers as well as those with experience to get confused by all the "Do this" and "Don't do this" directions along the way.

All this direction and advice is part of the real estate agent's job.  

I have found when a home buyer gets the "why" as well as the advice things go a bit more smoothly.  Coincidentally the same is true when working with home sellers in Melbourne, Florida.


Here is a general summary of how to buy a house in Florida:

The process of purchasing a new house or condo is not what I would call easy but with the right steps done in the right order it can be smooth. 

Here is a quick summary…
  1. Get a mortgage pre-approval. This is not just an online application that gives you a pre-qualification but rather a real application.   
  2. Find a local knowledgeable real estate agent. 
  3. Find house and get offer accepted.
  4. Have inspections done.
  5. Close the transaction.
  6. Move in.
There are a few more minor, yet very important steps, as well but the above steps provides the big picture.

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If you are considering buying a home in Viera, Suntree or Melbourne, Florida, give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.  I am here to explain the "Why" and "How" of buying a house in Florida.
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Brevard County, Florida Townhouse and Condo Sales Report for May 2014

Brevard County Townhouses/Condos Report for May 2014 compared to May 2013: 

  • Closed Sales are down -1.3% for May 2014, with a decrease in cash sales of -9.5% compared to May 2013. 
  • New Pending Sales are down -0.8% and New Listings are up 2.0%.
  • The Median Sales Price for Townhouses/Condos are up 12.4% to $118,000.
  • Median Days on the Market are down -10.9%, which is 49 days compared to May 2013, which was 55 days.
  • Months Supply of Inventory is up 1.5%, which is 5.4 months compared to May 2013, which was 5.4 months.   
  • Traditional Sales are up 9.3%, with a median sales price of $139,900.
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales are up 2.1%, with a median sales price of $50,600.
  • Short Sale Closings are down -82.6%, with a median sale price of $85,000.

Above statistics provided by Space Coast Association of Realtors®

Brevard County Residential Sales May 2014

Below is a summary of the Brevard County Residential Sales Report for May 2014 compared to May 2013:

  • Closed Sales are up 5.7% for May 2014 in which the number of units closed were 851 compared to 805 in May 2013, with an decrease in cash sales by -5.3% compared to May 2013.
  • New Pending Sales are down -8.3% and New Listings are up 8.7%.
  • Median Sales Price for Brevard County Single Family Homes are up 3.8% to $135,000 compared to a year ago, which was $130,000. 
  • Median Days on the Markeare up 2.4%, which is 42 days compared to 41 in May 2013.
  • Months Supply of Inventory is down -0.6% to 3.9 months compared to 3.9 months in May 2013. 
  • Traditional Sales are up 20.6%, with a median sales price of $155,450.
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales are up 7.1%, with a median sales price of $79,900.
  • Short Sale Closings are down -63.7%, with a median sale price of $113,000.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Closing your Florida Home Purchase During Storm Season

It is now hurricane season in Florida.  It happens every year and most experienced residents know what to expect and how to get ready for hurricane season.  But if you are moving to Florida and buying a home during hurricane season you may have to work around a storm.

Related Article:  Hurricane Survival Guide.

If you are buying a home in Florida during hurricane season it is important to address the homeowner insurance up front and not wait until shortly before closing.  This is particularly critical if a storm starts brewing in the Gulf or Atlantic as your closing approaches. Once a named storm rears its potentially ugly head many insurance companies stop writing policies based on the projected path.

What about your scheduled closing if the there is a coming storm?  The standard Florida real estate contract has a provision for delaying the closing for a defined period.

Once a storm has passed I always advise buyers to obtain a new inspection to assess any storm damage from the storm.

Closing your Florida home purchase during storm season is no different than any other time of the year if you plan for the potential storm.

Hurricanes don't happen often but what is that law?  Oh yeah, Murphy's Law!

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Seal the deal

In some places there are multiple homes for sale in the same neighborhood.  One such place in Brevard County, Florida is the planned unit development of Viera in Melbourne, Florida.

Related article:  How to sell a home when it is just like the others!

What can a seller do to "close the deal?"

The easy answer is offer something extra to sweeten the deal.  What are some of the things that could help lock up a deal?
  • Builders often buy down a buyers interest rate. Offer to do this or at least cover some, if not all, of the buyer's closing costs.
  • A less expensive sweetener could be the one year home warranty which usually costs a seller about $500 or so depending on the size and amenities. 
  • Make some or all of the repairs indicated on the property inspection report. 
  • Provide a one year termite bond.   This is another inexpensive perk.
None of the above are hidden secrets but rather suggestions that might just close the deal and make your house more appealing than the house next door.

Why spend a little to close a deal now?  Consider your carrying costs.  Sellers should weigh the cost of holding a house for another month or several months

Call me when you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home.

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Home Seller Tips: Selling does not include giving up your rights.

There should be a second sentence in the title that goes like this... Buying does not give you special rights!

While selling your home opens up your home to invited guests (scheduled prospective buyers) it should not be an open invitation for prospective buyers to snoop at any time.  The sign out front is not an invitation to come peek through the windows or talker a walk in the back yard  That is trespassing in some places!

And what if a seller feels threatened by someone walking in, turning doorknobs or peeking through the windows uninvited?

What happens if someone gets shot by a panicked owner?  I know this is unlikely but accidents happen.  This should not even come up when buying or selling a house.

It is just plain rude!

Buyers should understand that listing a house does not mean the seller has forfeited their right to privacy and the quiet enjoyment of their home.  And sellers who have tenants should not expect their tenants to sacrifice their quite enjoyment either.

Buyers need to understand that shopping for a home does not obviate the need for courtesy and respect.  Should it be necessary to put a rider on the sign out front that says "Do not disturb occupants?"  I don't think so.

Considering selling your Melbourne, Florida home?   Call me at 321-693-3850 for a free market analysis.

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Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Seller Tip: Know who your competition includes?

Rarely do I ever go to a listing interview where the prospective seller does not know what is for sale in their neighborhood  Further, they will also know what has recently sold and why their home is better.

It is often these neighborhood properties that form the basis for a listing price.  But care should be taken to not overlook the other competition

For specialized communities (i.e. gated, age restricted, maintenance free), rural homes or some isolated developments these neighborhood limited comparable properties may be the only competition.

But in most situations involving homes located in suburban or urban areas the competition reach includes homes outside of the neighborhood.

When selling your home consider it's age, construction, design, size and neighborhood restrictions or amenities.  What other areas nearby offer similar homes?   These homes are also competition that must be considered.

What about new construction?  If a new home costs the same why would one pay the same or more for a similar home?

Local Realtors® with access to the local MLS and a solid marketing plan will be able to help a seller know the competition more so than a biggie web site providing estimates.
Most importantly, it is critical know the competition because your prospective buyers will!

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Considering selling your Viera, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email for your free comparable market analysis.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Home Seller Tips - What is a comparable market analysis?

Pricing your home for sale requires expert knowledge of the values in your neighborhood.

There are some sites on the Internet like Zillow that throw out "Zestimates" of your home's value.  But it is generally accepted by most knowledgeable real estate professionals that these estimates are very often just plain wrong.  he reason is the data is dated and therefore inaccurate.

For that reason a home seller's best friend and resource is their local knowledgeable real estate agent.

If you are thinking about selling your home contact a local real estate agent and ask for a comparative market analysis. This report, prepared by a knowledgeable professional, can serve as a reliable resource when deciding what to list your home for in your market.

What is a comparable market analysis?

Valid comparables include a couple of key characteristics.

Physical traits. Homes in close proximity to the subject property possessing similar qualities like age, square footage, materials similar such as wood frame or concrete, same bedroom count, garage size, views and the like.

Circumstances. Often called arms length transactions, these are sales where there is no special circumstances or financing. No distressed sale, no special relationships (selling to son or daughter), no liquidation quick sales, etc

Timeliness (recency). Home listed and sold within the past few months are key. The reason is simple - markets change. Valid comps reflect the current market.

If you are considering selling your Melbourne, Florida home, please give me a call and ask m for your free comparative market analysis

If you are considering buying a Viera, Florida home, lets discuss what your "ideal" Viera, Florida home may cost you.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Why did they ask for my utility bills?

Energy efficiency is getting more important every day.

If you go to buy a car do you ignore the posted estimated mileage?  My guess is most car buyers at least consider fuel efficiency in their decision process.  Perhaps if money is no option then this is a non factor.
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For home buyers energy costs are a factor as well.   Very often buyers will ask about the utility costs if your home is a consideration.

If your home has energy efficient qualities why not use them to your advantage?

In an ideal world your home will have the most efficient insulation.   What about your windows?

Is your air conditioner newer and more efficient?  Do you have a programmable thermostat?  What about appliances?  Fifteen year old appliances are not just a turn off from the dated look but could be costing you a lot of money each month to operate.  Do you have a tankless hot water heater?  Is your sprinkler system on reclaimed water or a well?

If your home has any of the above qualities, market these features!  

If your home has some older less efficient appliances, make sure they are working correctly and as efficiently as possible.  Even if the AC system is not the most efficient buyers expect it to be working as well as possible given its age!

Finally, expect buyers to ask about your utility costs.

Put out some representative bills for electric, water, gas, etc. for prospective buyers to see.  If you had a pre-listing property inspection (recommended fro older homes), why not put a copy of the inspection report out as well?  And consider offering a one year home warranty as well which will allay some potential buyer fears.

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Ready to sell your Viera, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email for your free market analysis.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Florida Real Estate Information: Current Real Estate Information on the Internet? Not Likely!

Does it seem strange a real estate agent would write an article on the Internet questioning the availability of current real estate information on the Internet?

It may seem strange but consider this....
  • There are a lot of real estate sites on the Internet. Some of them are biggies like  Zill_w dot com and Trul_a dot com.  These sites are often sited as the "recognized" expert or the quoted "proof" depending on the person using them.  But the information, particularly real estate listings, is rarely current.
  • There is a lot of information on the Internet but who can publish on the Internet?  Anyone can publish anything to suit their purpose.  There is no source to verify before the publish button is pressed.
  • Data "scrapers" are only grabbing information without scrubbing it for accuracy.  The joy of automation.
There is a source of reliable, accurate real estate information on the Internet. 
  • A local knowledgeable real estate agent who has access to raw information who can screen it for what you are seeking whether homes for sale, sold properties, a market analysis or whatever purpose.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Home Seller Tips: easy fixes before listing your home

I wrote recently about about the non-existence of a perfect house (read So your home is not perfect).  Here I want to discuss a few of the easy things that can be done to make your home show better when you are ready to sell your home.

First of all, the simplest of all things that must be done is cleaning.  No lessons to be given here.

And while you are cleaning take a deep breath.  Notice any odors?  You may not but a "neutral" nose may in fact be triggered.  Ask your real estate agent.  Ask the home stager you call in for a consultation.  If you have a pet this may be an issue. 

While it may not be necessary to consult a home stager consider these actions:  Make sure your furniture shows off the space without overpowering.  Consider the benefit of less furniture (temporary storage, not stuffed in the garage).  Light and bright is positive.   Lights should be on for showings as well as the curtains.  And once the drapes are open, make sure prospects are looking out clean windows!

And think about what prospective buyers will see when they pull up in front of your home.  Flower beds weeded, some fresh flowers planted, a new coat of paint on the front door, pressure washed walkways and green grass should greet your prospective buyers.
Take care of some of the "easy" repairs we often tolerate like faucets that drip, loose door knobs, blown light bulbs, ceiling fans wobbling while running.  Don't educate prospective buyers the way I once saw that had a sign on the toilet that said "jiggle the handle!"

Although not inexpensive consider whether the expense of painting the interior of your home (think neutral colors) is worth the money spent on it.  And one other areas of concern may be worn carpet.  These two items are not expensive but the return on investment may be surprising.

Finally, look at the two most important rooms in the house - the kitchen and bathrooms.  Anything that can be done to enhance the rooms will be a positive.

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Considering selling your Viera, Florida home?  Call me for a free market analysis.

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Home Seller Tips: How to Sell a House

How to Sell a House, As Told by Memes

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Heritage Isle Homes For Sale/ Heritage Isle Homes Sold May/June 2014

Here is the latest update on homes for sale in Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida as of June 11, 2014.  First, a little background on Heritage Isle...

Why Do People Choose to Live here?  

Heritage Isle is one of the premier gated 55+  neighborhoods in Brevard County, Florida, conveniently located just north of Melbourne, FL in the planned unit development of Viera.

For the golfer, its location next door to the Duran Golf course is ideal.  For the sun lover, its location is just 30 minutes from the beaches.  Heritage Isle is convenient to shopping, restaurants and the new Viera Hospital located in the Viera Health Park.  

What's the Heritage Isle Neighborhood Like? 

A 55+ community like Heritage Isle does not necessarily mean a physical downsizing.  The homes in Heritage Isle community vary greatly in size and include single family detached homes, patio/villa homes and condominiums. 

Homes currently for sale in Heritage Isle.

Currently there are only 10 single family homes for sale in Heritage Isle.  Coupled with the recent release of the last phase of Heritage Isle the choices in Heritage Isle are becoming more limited.

Some facts about the homes for in Heritage Isle as of June 11, 2014:
  • List prices fall between $219,900 and $429,900.
  • Three homes are listed at or above $359,900 (upper end for Heritage Isle). 
  • Two homes for sale in Heritage Isle have over 3,200 sq. ft. under air. Only two single family properties are smaller than 1,700 sq ft under air. 
  • Six of the ten homes for sale were built between 2005 and 2006 (but new construction is availability).
  • Six of the homes are three bedroom with two/three baths and two car garage. 
  • There are two patio style homes (villas) with one car garage with approximately 1,500 sq ft. for sale with prices in the$174-$199,900 range.

What has sold recently in Heritage Isle. 

Homes have been selling pretty quickly with ten properties closing between May 1, 2014 and today.  Of the ten sold during this period two were patio homes and the others single family detached homes.

The patio homes sold for $149,990 and $159,640 while selling prices for the single family units ranged from $195,000 to $232,900.  The average sold price was almost $216,000 for these homes with the average home being a three bedroom two bath with about 1,900 sq ft under air and a two car garage.

How do I get information on homes for sale in Heritage Isle?

Give me a call at 321-693-3850 for information on buying or selling a home in Viera;s Heritage Isle community.  If you prefer, send me an email.

Home Seller Tips: Is it necessary to hire the biggest company to sell your house?

If you don't have time to read the article here is the short answer:  I suggest the size of the company matters little.

When a home owner decides to sell their home the entire process is between the seller and their real estate agent.   Although the real estate company (broker) has an interest in the process (as in business oversight) it is the real estate agent working for the seller that makes it happen.

In the real world of real estate a home owner's success in selling their home is a priority for their real estate agent because success is the only way a real estate agent earns their pay.

A large company or brokerage with many listings may not "need" every listing to sell while a small real estate company like Waters Realty of Brevard, LLC has a need to work hard and sell your Melbourne, Florida home.

Real estate agents are independent contractors who do not survive in this business without results.  Success is the result of hard work - not luck!  After eleven years I know this well.

Is it necessary to hire the biggest company to sell your house? 

I suggest the size of the company matters little.   Rather it is the ability and skill of the real estate agent to develop a marketing plan that is personalized, service oriented and, most importantly, successful.

One of the questions not necessary in the real estate interview is how large is your company.  A similar question though that is important, regardless of company size, is "Who will cover for you if you are not available?"

When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home call me for a customized, personalized marketing plan that when put in motion will bring success.  Guaranteed service with a cancel anytime without penalty listing agreement!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Home Seller Tip: Choosing a real estate agent to sell your home.

One of the questions most homeowners ask real estate agents when they are interviewing Realtors® to sell their home is "How many listings have you had?"

While that is an important question it is not the most important question.  It touches upon a couple of the necessary skills required in the agent you choose to sell your Melbourne, Florida home.

First, does the real estate agent have experience successfully marketing homes in your neighborhood?   One key distinction here is "successfully."   Remember past performance is usually an indicator of future performance.  

The other necessary skill is success in meeting the seller's goal.  It is not necessary to know what the specific seller goals were but rather the results.  A personalized marketing plan will be specific to a seller's goal (price, time, terms, type of sale, etc.).

So why would I use a buyer's agent to sell my home instead of an exclusive seller's agent?

What does a home seller want?  Obviously this is meant to be a rhetorical question.   

Who knows how to find home buyers?  Another rhetorical question.  The obvious answer is a buyer's agent.

Can a real estate agent be a buyer and a sellers agent?  Certainly.  (This does not refer to the same Florida real estate transaction as there is no dual agency in Florida.)

A successful local buyer's agent knows how to market and locate those who want to buy in your neighborhood.   The skills necessary to work both as a buyer's agent and at other times as a seller's agent allows one to demonstrate a full knowledge of the process.

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Home Seller Tip: So your home is not perfect?

Very few things in this world is perfect.  Your home may have some flaws due to design obsolescence.  The flaw may be location, traffic, the neighbors (yes, bad neighbors can be a flaw).  It may have some defects as a result of aging.

You can fix some of these issues.  Some can be overcome through pricing.  Some can be overcome by proper staging (including removing excess "stuff").   Some can be overcome by repair (yes, fix the AC, the roof, the major show stoppers!).

Lastly, consider this... a home does not have to be perfect to sell.

My goal as your Melborune, Florida real estate agent is to not make a home perfect but rather assist the seller price and market their home based on its
  • condition, 
  • location, 
  • owner's goals.
  • And, most importantly, the home's imperfections.

When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850.  If you prefer,  send me an email.

You have nothing to risk as I offer a no penalty cancellation if you decide to not sell with me.

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Monday, June 02, 2014

Florida Realtor® Gary Waters - Read me, Know me.

Florida Realtor® Gary Waters - Read me, Know me.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to the philosophy of "read me, know me.I am what I write.

I have been told by some clients that I was "just like they had imagined."   At first I was not sure what they thought of me or how they arrived at their conclusion.

When I inquired further their responses were very similar - your blogs on the Internet.

I put a lot of effort in my writing about Florida homes for sale, especially homes for sale in Brevard County, and the process of buying/selling a home as well as information about Brevard County.

Recently a lady told me I also write about my Boston Terrier and my son and his family.   She went on to say my family and pet seemed important to me.  She was right.

Below are links to six different sites where my real estate writing appears.   In addition to these blogs I routinely contribute to the Florida Today real estate section.

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

Moving to Brevard County, Florida: Are the Schools Good?

Moving to Brevard County, Florida:  Are the Schools Good?

One of the most common questions I get from customers relocating to Brevard County, Florida is about the schools.   Although I always encourage parents to contact specific schools in their area of interest, as a general response, I answer with a simple yes.

Still, a school visit and verification of boundaries/attendance zones is critical before making a housing decision!

The below graphic, prepared by the Brevard Public Schools, highlights some of the more recent achievements in Brevard County, Florida public schools.

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