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Friday, June 20, 2014

Home Seller Tip: Know who your competition includes?

Rarely do I ever go to a listing interview where the prospective seller does not know what is for sale in their neighborhood  Further, they will also know what has recently sold and why their home is better.

It is often these neighborhood properties that form the basis for a listing price.  But care should be taken to not overlook the other competition

For specialized communities (i.e. gated, age restricted, maintenance free), rural homes or some isolated developments these neighborhood limited comparable properties may be the only competition.

But in most situations involving homes located in suburban or urban areas the competition reach includes homes outside of the neighborhood.

When selling your home consider it's age, construction, design, size and neighborhood restrictions or amenities.  What other areas nearby offer similar homes?   These homes are also competition that must be considered.

What about new construction?  If a new home costs the same why would one pay the same or more for a similar home?

Local Realtors® with access to the local MLS and a solid marketing plan will be able to help a seller know the competition more so than a biggie web site providing estimates.
Most importantly, it is critical know the competition because your prospective buyers will!

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