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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Selling does not include giving up your rights.

There should be a second sentence in the title that goes like this... Buying does not give you special rights!

While selling your home opens up your home to invited guests (scheduled prospective buyers) it should not be an open invitation for prospective buyers to snoop at any time.  The sign out front is not an invitation to come peek through the windows or talker a walk in the back yard  That is trespassing in some places!

And what if a seller feels threatened by someone walking in, turning doorknobs or peeking through the windows uninvited?

What happens if someone gets shot by a panicked owner?  I know this is unlikely but accidents happen.  This should not even come up when buying or selling a house.

It is just plain rude!

Buyers should understand that listing a house does not mean the seller has forfeited their right to privacy and the quiet enjoyment of their home.  And sellers who have tenants should not expect their tenants to sacrifice their quite enjoyment either.

Buyers need to understand that shopping for a home does not obviate the need for courtesy and respect.  Should it be necessary to put a rider on the sign out front that says "Do not disturb occupants?"  I don't think so.

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