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Monday, July 21, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Signs that your home is not priced right...

Selling your home is all about pricing it for for condition, location, competition and motivation

To sell a home it must be seen by potential buyers.  If a home is presentation ready with curb appeal looking fantastic and still no one is coming maybe it is priced wrong.

The first sign a home is not priced right is no showings during what I call the "golden period."

The "golden period" is a term I coined to describe the first two weeks a property is listed.  This is when a seller needs to dazzle them early!

Most real estate agents and motivated buyers watch for new listings.They want to buy but they are particular. It is during its first two weeks a listing will garner the most activity.

If it did not, look at the price.

Another measure I use to gauge whether a home is priced correctly is my 30-10-1 rule.  If a home is listed for 30 days and has less than 10 showings and not one realistic offer, then the price is most likely an issue. While this is a buyer's market a home that is priced right will garner the appropriate attention early on in the process.

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