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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Home Seller Tips: What is a motivated seller?

I read  "those words" again this morning in a real estate advertisement.  The words? Motivated seller.

Motivated seller, in my opinion, is a term thrown around rather loosely by real estate agents trying to entice everyone and anyone in the world to come see their listing.

But the words most often mean very little. 

How do you know if their really is a motivated seller?

The ultimate sign of a motivated seller is a price that, while it may not be the lowest in the neighborhood, says, "Hey, I am ready to make a deal!"

If you are ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home, what can you do to show your prospective buyers know you area a motivated seller?
  • Get your house ready - move in ready, that is.
  • Have a pre-listing home inspection to support your price.  This includes fixing any issues that show up during the inspection.  
  • Offer your buyers a one year home warranty (list your Melbourne, Florida home with me and I will provide). 
  • Finally, price it competitively for location, condition and competition.
Do the above things and your home will not be for sale very long because buyers will know you are a motivated Melbourne, Florida home seller. me at 321-693-3850 to find out how I can help you sell your Melbourne, Florida home>  If you prefer, send me an email.

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