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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Home Buyer Tips - Seeing Every House is Not Realistic

Most home buyers start out with one goal - find the ideal property for them to purchase.  Of course, the definition of ideal eventually becomes more "as close as possible to ideal" as it becomes evident that most properties have some "imperfection."

So how many homes should a buyer look at in one day?  

My answer is five to seven, at most.

Why so few one may ask?  

First of all, time can be an issue as the commute time as well as the time spent in a property can add up and cause a log jam.  And when the schedule gets dragging it is easy to "just skip a showing," but which one, if any, will be dropped?   Most homes are occupied and, while sellers want to get their home sold, they are altering their daily routine for showings. 

Also, too many showings in one day can cause buyers to confuse attributes - both the good and the bad.   

One last word about time management When a house is found to not be a possibility there is no need to spend excessive time looking at it.

Prioritize your needs, wants and budget.  

Buyers should consider the "must have," "can live with," and "can't have" characteristics of potential properties as they prepare to search for a home.  The budget must recognize there are more "numbers" that go into home ownership than just the purchase price.   A word of caution to home buyers when it comes to mortgages -  forget the "approved amount" and look at the "required amount."

Screen MLS listings that best meet your "ideal." 

Buyers should recognize that MLS listings sometimes do not totally represent the real picture (nor do the photos).   Look at how long the schmoes have been on the market - fewer days, higher priority.  This assumes the extended days on the market reflect issues with the property or a price hat is too high.

Using the above tools to identify the best potential ideal homes buyers are ready for the day - seeing, at most, five to seven properties.

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