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Friday, September 05, 2014

Home Seller Tips: Is your home dated?

I read it quite often...recent updating or updated.  And then I show the same homes and buyers say things like needs updating.

I have come to the conclusion that sellers think of updated as having occurred during the previous decade while buyers look at it as completed yesterday!

What counts as being updated?

Put a little differently, what "dates" a home?

In my opinion these are some of the primary "daters" of a house or condo.
  • Wallpaper.  This is a highly personalize decision and once applied is rarely removed - even when a home is being sold.  And lets not forget about the wallpaper borders too!
  • Paint colors.  Colors, like cloths, has a season or two - not decades.  Mauve had its time in the spotlight.
  • Appliances.  Take a walk through your local appliances stores. If your stove or refrigerator does not resemble (somewhat) what you see then updated may not be an appropriate description.
  • Appliance colors.  Rare but still out there are some colors that were once favored like harvest gold, avocado and the like. 
  • Counter top materials.  Laminate is not updated unless the property is an investor re-sale.  At certain price points buyers expect solid surface, Silestone, granite, etc.
  • Carpeting.  Besides paint this is probably one of the easiest updates that can be accomplished.  
There are some things that date a home that can not be easily changed or is financially not reasonable.  Things like design obsolescence (formal living/dining rooms, all baths on first floor and bedrooms on second floor, low ceiling heights with popcorn finishes, etc).

The key point about selling your home is this....
Your price and marketing materials set the expectations.  If a prospective buyer is expecting updated, give it to them.  If the price is appropriate for location and condition, then an offer will come sooner than later.

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