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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Safety Practices when Buying or Selling a Home

"The body of missing Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter has been located north of the Little Rock area, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office said early Tuesday."

When a home is for sale its easy for a real estate agent or seller to get excited about the prospect of selling and let their guard down.  I am not suggesting that is the case of Realtor® Beverly Carter's disappearance and murder.  Still, the case should serve as a wake up call for all - real estate agents, buyers and sellers.

Very rarely does a real estate agent know their buyer customers.  Very rarely does a seller know the person entering their home - especially at an open house.

Real estate agents, at a minimum, should require new customers to meet at their office or a public place of some type.  Real estate agents are in the "people" business but some "people" are dangerous.  Real estate agents should require identification up front.  Real estate agents should have an itinerary posted or shared with others.

The potential risk to sellers is greater than buyers.  As a Realtor® your home's security and your safety is very important to me.   Some key advice I offer sellers...
  1. Never open your door to an agent unless my office (or Showing Service) has contacted you to advise of scheduled showing. 
  2. Never open the door to strangers.  I provide my card at the time of listing.  If anyone comes to your door, tell them to contact me.
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The process of buying or selling a home, whether buyer, seller or real estate agent generates excitement.

Do not let the excitement get in the way of common sense safety practices.

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