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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What is your biggest challenge when working with home buyers?

The title question is not one I usually receive as a buyer's real estate agent in Viera, Florida.  But I recently received it from prospective buyers.

What is your biggest challenge when working with home buyers?  I am not sure the answer they were seeking.  Is there a correct response?

My reply did not apply directly to the process but rather the buyer's expectations.

There is way too much inaccurate information available about the real estate market on the Internet.  Much of the information has not been vetted or, most likely, has not been updated.  Some information was accurate at the time but nothing seemingly ever leaves the Internet.

So my biggest challenge is very often just bringing expectations in line with the budget.

Once a prospective buyer is educated on the current market (inventory, price, location variability, etc) and the home buying process they are ready to make the hard choices.

What are the hard choices?  Deciding between the "must have" requirements and "nice to have" qualities will set the course.  (Sometimes the hardest choice is location.) the budget is established and expectations aligned with the market the challenges are rather minimal.  Click on related reading for an article about choosing your Melbourne, Florida buyer's agent.

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