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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Sell Your Brevard County, FL Home: Know Your Bottom Line Before You List Your Home For Sale

The negotiation process is not really that difficult.  A price is offered and it is either (a) accepted (b) rejected or (c) countered.  

As a seller the time to decide what you will take for your home is not when the offers come in but before you list your home.

Your real estate agent should provide you with comparable properties that have recently sold.  This is keyYour home will likely not sell for much more than the prices being paid for similar homes.

Further, just as a home buyer has an idea of the costs associated with purchasing a home, a seller should already have an idea of the expenses associated with selling their home.

Using this information a seller can project their net proceeds based on a probable selling price and be ready to make a decision and, more importantly, not be surprised at the closing table.

The graphic to the right is for general illustration only.  The costs can vary based on location (customs and traditions), circumstances and the terms of the contract.

When it comes to selling your home very few items are not negotiable (liens, debts, taxes mostly).

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