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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Homebuyer Tips: How many homes should my real estate agent show me in one day?

How many homes should I expect my real estate agent to show me on one day? 

First of all, if a buyer has researched their target area and have clearly identified their needs, wants and budget, the number of homes viewed during the entire home search should not be that high.   One of the key resources in market research is your local, knowledgeable real estate agent.

If a buyer is new to an area or has yet to have a clear understanding of their needs then the number of homes to be viewed will likely grow.

Ideally,  I prefer to limit the number of homes viewed in any one day to no more than five or six.

There are several reasons for limiting the number of properties viewed in one.  First of all, it can be overwhelming if too many homes are seen in one day.  There is a point when confusion creeps into the day with buyers mixing characteristics of several homes.    If prospective buyers are also managing youngsters throughout the day then distractions can become an issue as well.

Another challenge with scheduling too many homes in a single day is the difficulty in modifying the schedule.

Sometimes homes are crossed off the list within minutes of arrival.  In this case the schedule becomes compressed which is not a problem as long as all the properties to be seen are vacant.   However, if homes are occupied then it is difficult to modify the schedule on short notice.   The goal is to minimize disruptions to all parties by arriving at the scheduled time.  (I prefer to schedule showings within a one hour window which does allow some flexibility.)

Finally, there can be a confusion factor.   While most buyers take notes while viewing homes there is a point where the characteristics (good or bad) seem to blend together.

Still I will show on occasion as many as ten to twelve homes in a single day.  These occasions usually involve one or more of the following:
  • Located close together with minimal drive time between properties. 
  • Vacant with no special considerations like restricted hours, pets, etc.  
  • Buyers are from out of town or have limited availability to see properties.   
  • Time of the year, especially summer, when the days are longer there is more available daylight,   to 5-6 in a day. 
Most buyers I have worked with do not want to see fifteen or twenty plus homes.   They want to see a few that meet their needs including age, school assignment areas, size, construction/design, budget and the like.   If I have done my job well we should find a home after one or two trips out (10-12 total homes seen at most).

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