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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Whether Buyer or Seller, This Real Estate Rule Never Changes!

Who has never experienced a situation where what we saw was viewed totally different by another?   (The same can be said for what we hear.)

Yesterday as I was driving along I-95 in Brevard County I saw a billboard.  This billboard was not just any billboard but one I had noticed before.  It was located behind an old listing I had in Viera about eight or nine years ago.

This particular property had a few negatives - particularly a location that backed to a very noisy interstate highway.   And then, even if the highway noise was not an issue, there was a billboard not far from the backyard.

But my seller's comment when I pointed out the potential negative about the billboard stated it was not really a problem except when it was lit at night.   when I had a listing about six or eight years ago.But its not really a problem....

And then I was showing homes last week in central Brevard County. This particular house had a nicely fenced backyard but on the other side of the fence was a huge ditch along a dirt road.  My buyer felt that because the ditch was currently about half full of water it could be an ongoing mosquito issue.

After receiving my client's feedback the owner related through their agent that the ditch was not really a problem as the county sprayed the ditch routinely for mosquitoes.

These two cases illustrate a real estate rule that will never change... your view depends on which side of the transaction you find yourself.

When you get ready to sell your Brevard County, Florida  house or condo, put yourself in the place of a prospective buyer.  Look for potential issues from their perspective.

If it can be fixed, do it or price accordingly.  If it can't be fixed, expect prospective buyers to notice it.   And, when noticed, the buyers will either walk away or address it with a lower offer price.

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