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Thursday, January 08, 2015

Crayons, Home Owner Associations....One led to the other!

Should one buy a home in a development with a home owner association?   It depends on whether one is OK with conforming and following the rules.

Think back to your early years.

If you are old enough you will remember the crayon.  The waxy colorful tools that nourished the early creativity in all of us.

You learned the names of the colors and then you learned how they worked.  And then came school and the color by number pictures where there was a right color.

And then there came the rules - stay within the lines.  If you failed to comply you did not get the coveted gold star!

Now, return to reality.

You have a house in a subdivision with a mandatory homeowner association.  Now when you are ready to paint your home you have to choose a paint color that is approved by the architectural review committee (paint by the numbers).

If the painting is not an issue then it could the landscaping, or the prohibition of parking a truck in your driveway overnight or whatever.  Yep, got to believe the homeowner association had its birth by way of a first grade art teacher!  Conform, good.  Independence, not good. 

The above is really meant to be a little tongue in cheek.   

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