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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Whats wrong with this picture?

One of the key marketing tools your real estate agent must use to sell your house is the simple photo.    Who wants to see a house for sale when there is no picture especially if they are from out of the area?    Who wants to see a house if the pictures are poorly taken or should not have been taken (i.e. the toilet, lid up and all)?  

The value of good photos can not be underestimated.   People are visual. 

I reviewed  a listing this morning before sending to one of my buyer customers.  Still, the picture made me wonder what was going on.   Of course it is not fair  to be too critical of a seller without knowing the circumstances of the sale.  It could be a case where the circumstances preclude any preparations or repairs like absentee owners, an estate sale, financial hardships, illness, etc).

I took a snippet of the picture.  Look for yourself.  The point here is simple - first impressions are critical.

Bad pictures or even good pictures of "badly" prepared properties do not help sellers.

Consider the impression made when a prospective buyer pulls up in front a house that has algae on the front, weeds in the flower beds, more weeds than grass, etc..

It has been said that  a seller has ten or twenty seconds to make a good impression when a buyer pulls in front of their home.   That also extends to when they open the front door.

It is critical sellers understand that preparation is key.  Here are several articles about preparing your home for the market. 
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