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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Home Seller Tip: Why were your buyers in and out so quickly?

Recently while showing homes in central Brevard County, Florida my buyers were in and out in a matter of minutes.  While the house met all their needs it just didn't impress them.   Because the house was occupied and the sellers were present they knew the prospective buyers did not spend much time in the home.

I wondered if the sellers were even curious why the sudden exit.   If not, they should be concerned.

I have written here about my rules multiple times.  Most apply to sellers like the "30-10-1" rule.  Or the "Three Ps" of selling your home.  Or the "Golden Period."  There are probably more but they escape my mind right now.

The quick exit by my buyers reminded me of a rule I mentioned on this blog years ago.  It is not really my rule but a rule of life...the ten second rule.

Why do I say a rule of life? 
  • In basketball there is a rule about how long a team is allowed to get the ball across half-court.
  • Drop food on the floor?  Supposedly if you pick it up within 10 seconds, it is OK Not a Mom approved rule I am sure.
  • Reading an article or posting the Internet? You have about ten seconds to "hook" the reader.
  • I have heard it said that when angry one should stop and count to ten.
  • There is even a book called The 10-Second Rule: Following Jesus Made Simple
There are multiple other applications of the ten second rule.  
However, the ten second rule I want to emphasize here is a real estate application.   Basically, a buyer will decide within ten seconds of entering your home whether they are interested or not.   Or that ten seconds may have been wasted in the front yard
Another rule of life is about first impressions.   And, whether accurate or not, it is these first impressions that often determine the outcome. 
If you are selling your home, consider your most valuable ten seconds.  Then you will not ask why a buyer was in and out in a flash!

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