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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Would Disney World accept 80% on the posted admission price?

What kind of response would you get if you went over to Disney World in Orlando and went up to the admission gate and offered $84 for Disney World admission?

This really is meant to be a rhetorical question.  The response would likely be something like "Please step aside for those willing to pay the price of admission."

Now, lets change the scenario.

What kind of response do you think you would get if you went to a home seller in Viera, Florida and offered 80-85% of listing price?   [By the way, the $84 used  above represents 80% of the Disney World single day ticket price of $105]

Although several responses are possible the most likely one will be similar to the "Step aside and let the buyers in who are willing to make a serious offer."

What is a serious offer?  While price is usually issue number one when it comes to evaluating a serious offer it may not be the highest priority.   An offer that is above the market price may not appraise and subsequently will fail to close.

A seller may accept an offer that is less but cleaner (not excessive contingencies).  It may be the offer with the soonest closing date.  It may be the "as is" offer instead of the one with a repair contingency.  It may be an offer with conventional financing as opposed to FHA or VA loans.  It may be the offer without the personal property requests (TV, washer/dryer, riding mower, etc).

Suffice it to say home buyers, like Disney visitors, must be willing to pay the price of admission.  And while that price is likely negotiable starting at 80% of list price may not be the best strategy.  

Make it a Lets Talk Offer!

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