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Monday, March 09, 2015

Preparing to sell your home: Why would someone want your house to be their next home?

When it is time to sell your home ask yourself  "Why would someone want my house to be their home?"

When on listing interviews I try to get the answer to this question by asking "What do you like most about your house?"  Then I follow up with the opposite "What do you like the least about your house?"

The answers to these questions will present opportunities and potential obstacles to marketing a property.

The positives are easy to build a marketing plan around.  Things like... Great neighborhood! Excellent nearby schools!  Nearby golf course!  Beach nearby!  New roof! Newly remodeled! It could be the proximity to schools or amenities like golf courses or beaches. 

The biggest challenge could be overcoming (or minimizing) the negatives.  Some buyers may not see the "perceived" negatives as a major shortcoming at all.

For example, a lack of storage may not be an issue for someone who is downsizing or just starting out.  It does take time to accumulate "stuff."     The busy thoroughfare may be a positive for a commuter.   The zero lot line lot (small) may not offer a lot of privacy but it may appeal to someone who doesn't desire a yard to be maintained.

Some of the real negatives can not be overcome due to costs.  Sometimes the return on the fix is not worth the effort.  The key is to address the potential problems that can be fixed.    Some easy negatives to overcome include highly personalized paint and replacing old worn or stained carpet.

Some negatives like smaller rooms or little counter space can be minimized by removing excess furniture from rooms and "stuff" from counters and making sure the rooms are well lit and bright!  Sellers should take the opportunity during the preparation phase to clean and de-clutter (think small closets and don't forget the garage).  Above all else address the minor problems and eyesores like weeds in the flowerbeds and stains on the driveway.

The irritations a home owner has "lived with" are not going to be viewed the same way by prospective buyers.

When a buyer walks in your front door they are seeking the answer to the title question "Why do I want this to be my home?"

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