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Friday, April 10, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: The "Whys" of Buying and Selling a Home.

There are a lot of times in the home buying and selling process where "Why" is an important question.  But "Why one is selling?" is not important.

I know the purpose of the why are they selling question is obviously to gain some type of advantage  - not to see if they can generously help the seller out.  Many times knowing a sellers motivation can be an advantage.

Granted, depending on the circumstances and personalities involved,  there are times when sellers volunteer this information freely and openly.  However, don't expect the seller's agent to give away any information that will weaken their position.

What are some other "whys" buyers and sellers should consider?

The above "Whys" is not an all inclusive list but it does make the point.

While there are a lot of "Whys" in the home purchase process buyers should place the "Why is the seller selling?" at the bottom of the list.

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