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Friday, April 17, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Do I have to really clean my house when I sell it?

Sometimes buyers and sellers have different perceptions of how clean a house should be for the closing.  I advise my seller clients to have it broom clean.  Sometimes I just ask them how they would like to find their new home on the day of close?

One of the last steps in the home buying process is for buyers to perform a final walk through inspection.  With my buyers I prefer to do this on the way to the closing appointment or the evening before, if necessary.

While the main focus of the final walk through is to make sure the house is in the same condition it was in when contracted  there is also an expectation the property will be clean.   While there will not be a white glove inspection it is expected that the property will be emptied of trash and personal contents.

It is expected that hazardous materials like old paint cans and insecticides and flammable items will be gone as well and not left in the garage.

Trash at the curb is usually not a problem.  Even older appliances or TVs that will be picked up is not a problem as long as a special pickup scheduled by seller, of course

While it is not necessary to have Merry Maids clean your house before going to closing please respect your buyers by having your house ready for the new owners.

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