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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Do sexual offenders live in this neighborhood?

The real estate process consists of a lot of boxes that get checked off along the way from viewing the first house to getting keys at the closing table. 

A key point about these steps is some are only good for that particular point in time

A couple of these "good for today only" processes are the home inspection and check for sexual offenders/predators.

Just as I always recommend buyers have a property inspection performed on a home they want to purchase I always recommend prospective buyers check the sexual offender's database.

These are part of the due diligence a buyer should do along with things like surveys and a review of the homeowner/condo association finances and rules.

The property inspection and check of the sexual predators/offender database are both good for today only because things change.  The property inspection provides a check up of major systems as of the day performed.  Will the AC quit next month, in six months?  Who knows?  What about a roof leak?  Who knows?

Likewise, your immediate neighborhood may be free of offenders or predators - today.  But what about next week or next month?  Home buyers nor sellers can predict who will or will not move into a neighborhood.

So buyers must make decisions on current information with no guarantees.

If you are buying a home in Florida one of the resources buyers should avail themselves of is the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Sexual Offenders and Predators Database.
Click image to go to FDLE Search Page
Click image For FDLE Offender Search Website

In Brevard County, Florida there is also another database maintained by the Brevard County Sheriff's Department.

I recommend buyers always check early on in the process - even while looking - but especially before an offer is made on any home.  

Like most things in life, nothing is forever....including your neighbors. \

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