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Monday, July 13, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Finding the "imperfect" home.

My colleague, Melbourne, Florida real estate broker Sandy Shores recently wrote about looking for properties with the right things wrong.   Her article focused on the investor buyer but owner occupant buyers can benefit from the same advice.

One of the first steps in the home buying process (after the mortgage pre-approval and budget determination  is identifying the key characteristics of your next home.

I prefer to call these essential characteristics the must haves,” “can't have,” and “nice to have” characteristics of the new purchase.
  • Must haves: Some things a house must have - can't live without these. Know these up front. Location, space inside and outside, safety, age and type of construction, school district and the like may be included here. 
  • Can't haves: Just like you must have certain things, there are things you just do not want. Know what these are from the start as well. This is a list that needs to be shared with your Realtor® early on to avoid wasting your time. 
  • Nice to have: Sometimes an extra just happens to show up in a house you find which meets your must have criterion. Identify these extras so your Realtor® can include them in the search because, as a buyer you never know what is on the market. But your Realtor® is the market expert and may just know where to find these as well!
    With a defined budget and requisite characteristics identified the home search begins with the usual excitement and high hopes of finding the perfect house!

    But rarely does a buyer find the perfect house. 

    There may be imperfections.  Some may be cosmetic issues and require updating.  It may be a missing pool.   It may involve removing wallpaper, carpeting or painting. 

    Look beyond these minor imperfections.   Consider the potential a property presents.

    Your imperfect home may wind up being your perfect home!

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