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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Why won't a real estate agent just show me the house I want to see now?

What kind of response should a prospective buyer expect when sending an email to a real estate agent to see a house now?

Most real estate agents in this business receive email contacts daily from complete strangers.   One of the most common is an inquiry about seeing properties in such and such neighborhood today or soon. 

What response should senders expect?   Most likely the sender wants a quick "Sure whenever it is convenient I will meet you there!"

However, in 2015 Realtor safety has unfortunately become a higher priority than it was in the past (or at least received more publicity).  There have been too many cases where real estate agents have been robbed, beaten and even murdered.

Real estate agent safety is a top priority for every real estate broker owner and should be for every agent in the business.

For this reason expect your request to be met with a "Please meet me at my office." (or some other public location.

More importantly, expect the response to be met with questions.

A prospective buyer should expect to receive a response that includes questions on ability to buy (mortgage qualification), time frame, familiarity with the home purchase process, if working with another agent plus a few more.

If a phone number has been provided senders may receive an initial phone call although many (generation Y/Z/millennials) prefer to do business by email and text rather than telephone.

My typical response will be an initial email unless the sender has provided the phone number (interpreted as "call me, please").   Regardless of the form my response takes it will always include a question about the preferred manner/times of communication.

So why so many questions?   To determine expectations and deliver the results clients seek.

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