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Friday, July 10, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Must Be a Democrat That Lives Here!

There have been more books written about how to sell your home than Carter has liver pills (if you have never heard this phrase, read this).

Selling your home depends on three main points which I refer to as "The Three Ps to Selling Your Home."

What are these three Ps?
  • Price.  Price must be consistent with condition, location, competition and seller goals.
  • Promotion.  This is simply how your real estate agent markets your home to get in front of the greatest number of potential buyers.  This targeted marketing involves a variety of components from MLS entries, blogging, direct mail, print advertising, blogging, third party syndication websites, open houses and more.  Each property is different and should have a customized promotion plan.  
  • Presentation.  This is simply being able to show your house in its best, most positive light
Of the above, the one area a seller has most control over is presentation.  Sellers need to have their home be the star of the show.   Making this happen involves removing all the little distractions which can draw away from the strengths of the property.

One of the potential major offenders are "things."  What are things?

Things are the items that have nothing to do with your house but may get a buyer's attention more so than your kitchen,  master bath or view.   Some of these things, which in and of themselves are not necessarily bad, include trophies, awards, diplomas, books, collections, photos and the like.

I remember once I had a buyer comment on books..."Must be a Democrat that lives here."  She was referring to books by Clinton, Carter, et al.  Not sure if it mattered but she noticed and remarked about the contents of the bookcase.

While political party affiliation or college diplomas are likely not to cause one to not buy a house they may cause a prospective buyer to miss seeing the most important positives.

When you prepare to sell, remember to show them your house and not your everything!

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850 for your free market analysis.  Have a question about the process, just send me an email.

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