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Friday, July 17, 2015

Home Seller Tips: What Does a Seller Do With Feedback?

This short post is directed at home sellers.

What is feedback?   The short answer - a prospective buyers reaction to a product.  It could be the new car taken for a test drive or, in this case, a house or condo.    Regardless of product the seller wants to know what a prospect thought?

As soon as a house or condo is scheduled for a showing the listing real estate agent usually sends a feedback request.  And if the request does receive an immediate response, another arrives.  And then another arrives ad nauseum.  

In the real estate business it seems that getting feedback is a challenge.   My experience has been that maybe 25-30% of agents provide some sort of feedback.

Still, if feedback arrives, how useful is it?   Sometimes it can be genuinely useful while at other times just a generic "Thanks, still looking." 

When I go on a listing appointment I discuss feedback as part of the home selling process.

I am honest with prospective sellers about the scarcity of useful feedback.  And then I ask them the same question each time... What will you do with feedback received?

Sellers need to be thick skinned yet receptive when feedback comes.  It may be critical of things that should not matter (paint,carpeting, cosmetic issues).  It may be critical of price.   When my buyers give negative feedback I will often translate to a less harsh message that still gets the point across.

Sellers should take any feedback received and carefully evaluate the soundness of the commentary.  If it is cosmetic, it may be something that is distracting prospective buyers from seeing the positives the home offers.

If the "price is too high" comments become a common theme, look at price.  Read "Signs your home is not priced right."

Still, the best feedback will always be a written offer!

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