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Monday, August 31, 2015

Selling Your Florida Home - Twelve Articles to Help You Be a Seller and Not a "For Sale-r."

There have been a lot of real estate articles written about home sellers and buyers.  But the terms do not accurately encompass all consumers who call on a real estate agent from time to time.  Sometimes I think that real estate buyers and sellers can be broken down into four distinct real estate consumer personalities.

For example, lets take the "seller" and "for sale-r.

First of all there is little distinction between these two at first glance.   But, in reality, they are different sides of the home seller coin.   They both want to list their home for sale.  Likely they have both already listed their home for sale as there is always a real estate agent who will take any any listing.    

But they are different.

A "for sale-r" will be easy to spot because they have had a sign out front for much longer than the current market averages.   Some may have already had a listing expire or gone through several real estate agents.

What are distinguishing characteristics of a "for sale-r?"

They may listed their home for a price which is inordinately high for their neighborhood.  They may have decided their home was perfect and not in need of anything.  They may have restricted access by not allowing a lock box on the property.

They may have placed extremely limiting restrictions on access like 24-48 hour prior notice, only showings during a few specific hours or specific days.  Or perhaps their real estate agent must be present every time a showing is done.  Or, if they receive an offer, they absolutely refuse to negotiate on any terms other than full price with few, if any, contingencies. 

Now a "seller" is quite the opposite.  

Sellers understand their listing price should should realistically reflect the "as is" condition of their home.   The "as is" condition may indeed be perfect and move in ready.  Or it may reflect a few minor issues that need to be addressed by a future owner.  

Sellers have likely done the necessary things to prepare their home for the market.  Preparing a home for the market does not necessarily mean spending money on the house if money is tight or circumstances restrict it.

Some preparations cost very little such as de-cluttering, de-personalizing, cleaning and staging a home.  It could be something as simple as dressing up the front lawn or cleaning the front door.   Sellers make it easy for a home to be shown accommodating reasonable showing requests.

Most prospective home sellers do not start out with the goal of becoming a "for sale-r."   
They are sometimes the unfortunate benefactor of poor advice, be it from a friend, neighbor, or their real estate agentYes, real estate agents do give bad advice.  

This post promised twelve articles to get you started selling your Florida home.   My goal in writing these articles was to help sellers be successful and avoid the trap of being a "for sale-r."

When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

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