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Monday, August 24, 2015

What Sells a House?

Back in 2008 I wrote a short article about "Do great slogans sell houses?"    I am not sure the reason but this single post continues to lead all 3,000+ of my posts fin the number of views. 

I think the genesis of this post was all eh tag lines and slogans I was seeing in advertising at the time.

My point was no real estate agent nor real estate brokerage slogan or brand will automatically sell your house.   At the time I was a Century 21 agent so we were sloganized (not a real word) as well.

While tag lines may help, in the end, homes are sold because of specific items.
  1. Proper pricing Pricing a home for the market is not an exact science however a local knowledgeable real estate agent should have the tools to provide an analysis that should be very close to the current market price.  This analysis will include a look at the active competition as well as recent similar sales.  It will take into account a property's general condition as well as any issues (traffic, desirability of area, etc.).  It will take into account a seller's circumstances and goals although it will not consider what an owner paid.  
  2. Preparation.  Preparation is part of the pricing equation (fix what can be, price for what can't be fixed) but includes much more.  It involves staging the property to promote the positives and minimizing any negatives.  This could include painting, removing excessive furnishings, de-personalizing perhaps replacing carpeting.  It must always include the exterior of the house as first impressions are key.  One thing it always includes is cleaning
  3. Promotion.  Your real estate agent will develop an individualized marketing plan that works for your house.  It will be a plan that targets the pool of most likely buyers.  It may involve an open house.  It always includes internet marketing.  Finally one other component of promotion is accessibility.  If a buyer can't see the property, they can't (or usually will not) buy the property.

There are many other mini-components to successfully selling a home.

Getting an offer accepted is not the end but just the beginning of a road to the closing table.   The real estate transaction requires constant oversight until the keys change hands. 

There are critical time components that must be met.  That is the reason the Florida purchase contract includes "Time is of the essence." in bold print.  There are (or may be) contingency deadlines and contingencies to be removed.  There is an order to the process.

A competent real estate professional will go a long way to accomplishing your goal whether buyer or seller.

If you are buying a home in Melbourne or Viera, Florida, I can help. 

If you are considering selling your Viera, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850.  I am your local expert!

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