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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Grand Isle in Viera, Florida - Market Update September 2015

In the past six months nine homes have been sold in the gated 55+ community of Grand Isle.  Grand Isle, located in the planned unit development of Viera, Florida is comprised mostly of single family homes constructed in the 2001-2004 years. 

Grand Isle is smaller than the newer Heritage Isle 55+ community also located in Viera.  Read my September 2015 Heritage Isle market report here.

Since August 1, 2015 there have been five properties sold (3 in the month of September).   The average selling price over the past six months has been around $262,000.

Recent Grand Isle homes sale include (extracted from Brevard MLS system):
  • 1581 Perdido Court - a 2004 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home with 2,107 sq.ft. sold for $231,500 (09/28/15).
  • 1392 Keys Gate Dr - a 2001 built 2 bedroom2 bath 2 car garage home with 1,545 sq.ft. sold for $207,000 (09/25/15)
  • 1566 Grand Isle Blvd - a 2004 built 4 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage pool home with 2,178 sq.ft. sold for $325,000 (09/01/15)
  • 1562 Keys Gate Drive - a 2002 built 2,011 sq.ft. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home sold for $260,000 (08/31/15)
  • 1514 Timucuan Drive - a 2001 built 2,011 sq.ft. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage home sold for $270,000 (08/14/15)

Currently there is only one home listed for sale in Grand Isle.   The listing is a 2,465 sq.ft. 2003 built 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage lake front home listed for $325,000.

If you are considering a 55+ community in Florida both Grand Isle and Heritage Isle are well worth consideration.   For information on homes for sale in Viera, Florida, give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Home Seller Tips: What You Need and What You Get...

Over the weekend I watched a few television shows about buying and selling homes in between football games.   I am not even sure what the shows were called but I did hear something very similar in two of the shows.

In both cases people selling their current home in order to buy another home said "I need to get this."  Both times sellers were basing their new budget on what they had to receive.

It is probably a rare occurrence when the "need to get" and "get" amounts are actually equal.

More importantly the amount received is totally independent of any amount needed to satisfy budget requirements for the next house.   Buyers do not care what a seller needs but rather only what they are willing to pay.

While the net proceeds from the sale may be applied to the new home sellers can rarely determine in advance of the sale any specific amount unless there is positive equity.    As for planning purposes your real estate agent should be able to take your projected sales price along with mortgage, tax and selling expenses and project relatively closely your net proceeds.

If you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, here are ten articles that may be of assistance.

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When you are ready to sell your Viera, Florida home, call me at 321-693-3850, please.

Why should you call me to sell your Viera, Florida home?  
Because I promise to deliver the results you seek.  I know that you have other options.   I value your time and business.   I know that just because I may sell your Viera home it does not mean you will ever call on again or recommend  my services to another consumer.  
It is all about your experience.

To-Do List for First-Time Home Buyers

Friday, September 25, 2015

Timing Your New Home Purchase - Can you accurately predict?

Timing the purchase of a home can be a challenge.   The challenge is a little greater when one is in a lease.  What if one has six months left on the current lease?

In an ideal world one could work backwards.  Say 45 days to close after contracting (inspections, mortgage approval, survey, etc.) and about a month to find the target property.  In the ideal world  it would seem about three months to find and close the transaction and move in. 

But this is not an ideal world.

What happens if you do not find the house within the parameters above?   If your lease can be extended on a month to month basis then there is no problem.  Then there are some landlords that will charge a new higher fee on a month to month term or prefer to get a new 12 month tenant.

One of the key steps a renter can do now before ever looking is to check with your landlord and find out if there are any "outs" now or if you find a house before the end of your lease.   Most leases have an early termination provision although most have penalties.   I have seen some leases where the early out provision required two month's rent or continued payment of rent until a new tenant has moved in.

So talk to your landlord about arrangements to end your lease just in case.  Very often a good relationship with a landlord will translate into a willingness to work with you.

I believe it is a good idea to put the home purchase wheels in motion at least six months out at a minimum.   This provides time for research, mortgage inquiries and finding your real estate agent. 

In the current Brevard County. Florida residential real estate market waiting to find your new home could be a costly wait.  Prices are rising every month month.  While interest rates are very attractive now what happens when interest rates rise? They will - eventually.

Here are ten articles that discuss the home buying process I have previous posted on my blogs.  Please read and let me know if you have a question or a suggested topic.

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If you plan to buy a Melbourne, Florida home in the next year, call me at 321-693-3850  or ...

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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Brevard County, Florida Townhouse and Condo Market Report August 2015

Presented below is a summary of the Brevard County, Florida townhouse and condominium market for August 2015 compared to August 2014.
  • Closed Sales were up 14.7% for August 2015.  The number of units closed 234 compared to 204 in August 2014.  There was an increase in cash sales of 12.5% over August 2014. 
  • New Pending Sales climbed 12.0%.
  • New Listings decreased 10.9%.
  • Median Sales Price for townhouses/condos increased 5.2% to $131,500 compared to a year ago ($125,0000).
  • Median Days on the Market are down -2.4% to 41 days compared to August 2014 (42 days).
  • Inventory is down 33.0% to 3.2 months vs. August 2014 (4.8 months).
  • Standard (Fair Market) Sales are up 15.3% (with a median sales price of $138,700).
  • Foreclosure/REO Sales are up 23.1% (with a median sales price of $66,500).
  • Short Sale Closings decreased 25.0% (a median sale price of $108,800).

Sonoma at Viera - Homes For Sale - Market Update September 2015

Sonoma at Viera is located west of I-95 just off Stadium Parkway, in the planned unit development of Viera, offers gated living in one of the most popular areas of central Brevard County.

 Sonoma at Viera was one of the first subdivisions built in Viera when construction shifted to the west side of I-95.  Most of the homes in Sonoma at Viera were built by Lennar Homes and Burgoon Berger (no longer in business) and were built in the 2003/2004 time period.

Sonoma at Viera is convenient to several golf courses including Duran Golf Course, excellent schools (Viera High School, Kennedy Middle School),  shopping and restaurants of the Avenues at Viera , the new Viera Hospital, outpatient medical offices, multiple places of worship and much more. 

Also the location is ideal for commuters to Orlando (40 miles) as well as those working in Melbourne as well as the Kennedy Space Center.
Currently there are seven homes listed for sale in Sonoma at Viera.  Six of the seven homes for sale in Sonoma at Viera are standard sales (one is a short sale).   All of these homes were built around 2003/2004 and five of them have in ground screened pools.

List prices for these homes range from $315,000 to a high of $479,000.  The actual price spread of homes for sale in Sonoma at Viera does not reflect the predominant prices as all but one are priced below $400,000.    Four of the homes for sale are priced below $330,000.  

Since July 20, 2015 there have been five homes sold in Sonoma at Viera.  These included:

  • 4610 Chardonnay Drive - a 2,562 sq.ft. four bedroom three bath three car garage pool home that sold for $314,000 as a short sale.
  • 4747 Merlot Drive - a 2,881 sq.ft. four bedroom three bath three car garage lake front pool home which sold for $430,000. 
  • 4580 Chardonnay Drive - a 2,507 sq.ft. four bedroom three bath three car garage pool home sold for $395,000.
  • 5104 Pinot Street - a 2,470 sq.ft. four bedroom three bath pool two car garage lake front home sold for $405,000.
  • 4586 Merlot Drive - a 3,467 sq.ft. 5 bedroom three bath three car garage lake front pool home sold for $525,000.

For information on homes for sale in Viera and Rockledge, Florida, call me directly at 321-693-3850 or email me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What should a seller expect from their real estate agent from the initial interview to the transaction closing.

Whether seller or buyer, when all is done, real estate consumers want to know their agent did the best job possible for them.

More importantly, they should expect nothing less!

What should a seller expect from their real estate agent from the initial interview to the transaction closing.   Presented here is a general overview of what most sellers I work with expect (and receive). 

Unless one is an investor the buying and selling of a house is not a frequent event.  Most consumers have little knowledge of the process so one of their selected real agent's primary responsibilities is to be an educational resource and guide.  This will also help sellers establish their expectations.

During the initial agent interview sellers should expect to receive an overview of the current real estate market.  This should include what is happening in general including interest rates, types of buyers (financing, cash, etc.).   The process should be reviewed as well. 

Prospective sellers should expect to be asked a lot of questions.  
  • One of the first questions will be about the reason for selling as this is the whole purpose of the interview. 
  • To assist in marketing your home expect to be queried about the things you like best as well as least about your home.
  • Expect a conversation about your home's condition and any current repair issues. 
  • Your existing mortgage, if any, will be a topic of discussion as the type of sale and net proceeds are discussed.  
  • The net proceeds will be tied to the conversation about the market analysis, pricing strategies and time line.  Expect me to tell you who your likely buyer will be and how long it will take to close the transaction based on listing price and circumstances of sale.  Expect a discussion about safety issues and how scheduling appointments will work. This will include an explanation of the pros of having an electronic lock box on your home.  
  • As sellers want feedback after showings expect to discuss the frequency, validity and usefulness of buyer feedback.  
  • Expect to spend a great deal of time on how to properly prepare your house for the market including staging, the value of pre-listing inspections, repairs to make, etc.
  • Expect to discuss the types of offer acceptable (cash is always OK but what about VA, FHA or Conventional financing?)
  • Expect, at minimum, a summary of your customized marketing plan.  During the conversation on the individualized marketing plan the pros and cons of an open house will be covered as well as Internet marketing and any print advertising efforts.   The obvious marketing tool is the real estate sign but sometimes sellers do not want a sign in their front yard.
  • Shortly after going active expect a copy of your MLS entry will be provided for review.  
  • We will discuss how often (and by what method) you can expect updates.
  • Finally I will insure you have my contact information so I am always reachable.
There are some discussion areas that will be addressed as the need arises once the process is in motion. 

Ready to sell your Rockledge, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.  

Single Family Home Sales August 2015 - Brevard County as Reported by Florida Realtors

The below charts detail the single family home sales in Brevard County, Florida for August 2015 as reported by the Florida Realtors. 

Median sales price continues to climb while the percentage of original list price remains steady at 95%.

Monday, September 21, 2015

The Home Buying Process: Choosing a Brevard County, FL Mortgage Lender

The decision to purchase a home is a big step.  The financial commitment required is one of the largest most people ever make outside of marriage or having children.

One of the most important steps in the home buying process is choosing a buyer's real estate agent.   Your buyer's agent is a critical resource.  Your buyer's agent will be able to assess your requirements and desires.  With their local knowledge your buyer's agent help you find the home that best fits your budget.

The budget is the critical element in the home buying process. 

Most people do not purchase a house with cash.  One of the first steps in the home buying process is obtaining a mortgage pre-approval

As a Brevard County, Florida real estate agent I will be happy to suggest local Brevard County, Florida lenders to discuss the mortgage process as well as to obtain a loan pre-approval. (I really do like it when my buyers have a lender they can call on in person or by phone rather than some Internet lender.)    Why did you ask me for a pre-approval letter before looking at houses?

As for the type of loan or program to pursue I am not qualified to recommend any specific options.   I will offer these suggested topics and items to discuss with your lender.
  • If eligible, consider the VA loan as it does not require a down payment.  Also mortgage insurance requirement either which can be costly!   VA loans are an earned benefit for veterans and should be considered.
  • If available cash is restricted somewhat consider the FHA loan program as only a 3.5% down payment is required.   With both of these programs the condition of the purchased property must be reasonably good (roof, AC, plumbing. electrical, etc).
  • If the property needs repairs the FHA 203(k) loan may be an option.  
  • And the conventional loans come in different flavors as well (i.e. 15/30 year, etc). 
  • And there are those adjustable rate mortgages....
Your lender will discuss things like taxes, insurance, association fees and overall budget. There are so many mortgage options you need a lender to guide you along the way.    In other words, look beyond the mortgage pre-approval.

Call me at 321-693-3850 if I can help you get started with the home purchase process in Melbourne, Florida.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Heritage Isle in Viera - Homes Sold September 2015

Viera, Florida's 55+ community of Heritage Isle is popular with buyers seeking reasonable prices, new construction and a relaxed lifestyle in one of Florida's premier age restricted gated communities. 

Currently there are seventeen single family homes listed for sale in the Heritage Isle community.  List prices range from $230,940 to $435,000.  All of the current homes for sale in  Heritage Isle are re-sales except for one new construction home.   All are standard sales except for one foreclosure property.

List price distribution shows homes priced for most budgets:
  • four under $250,000 
  • five $264,000 to $299,000,
  • six in the $300,000 to $399,000 range,
  • two in the $400,000 plus
Since August 1, 2015 there have been 12 homes sold in Heritage Isle in Viera.  Of these properties seven were new construction homes.  Approximate average selling price for the new construction homes was about $274,000.

New construction homes sold in Heritage Isle since August 1, 2015 (extracted from Brevard MLS system, not audited)  included:
  •  3202 Balboa Place - $303,900 4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage
  • 6178 Van Ness Drive - $256,140, 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage
  • 6358 Van Ness Drive - $236,000,  3 bedroom 2 bath 2 ca garage 
  • 3172 Balboa Place - $298000 3 bedroom 2 bath 3 car garage
  • 3162 Balboa Place - $271,700, 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage
  • 3182 Balboa Place - $315,990  3 bedroom 3 bathroom 3 car garage
  • 6308 Van Ness Drive - $238,940 , 2014 built 1677 sq ft 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage
Existing home re-sales included:

  • 2952 Boddington Way - $230,000, 2,100 sq. ft. 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage built in 2004
  • 6944 Lovington Way - Sold for $230,000, a 1,925 sq. ft. 2005 built 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage
  • 3463 Carambola Circle - Sold for $345,000, a 2,573 sq. ft. 2005 built lake front home with  4 bedroom 3 bath 3 car garage and fireplace 
  • 7163 W Egbert Street - a 2006 built 3 bedroom2 bath 2 car garage home sold for $238,000
  • 6654 Pico Street - 4 bedroom 3 bath 2 car garage home built in 2010 2006 sq ft under air sold for $260,000

For information on homes for sale in central Florida's premier 55+ communities of Heritage Isle, Grand Isle and Indian River Colony Club, call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Why would a seller not accept VA or FHA financing?

One of the decisions a prospective home seller must make is the type of financing, if any, they will consider when listing their home for sale.
Here is my answer to the question in a nutshell although the rest of this article explains my reasoning:   My recommendation is all sellers should consider all options that the condition of the house and circumstances of the sale allow including any first time home buyer programs available.
While cash is always desirable most buyers finance their home purchase because of the size of the expenditure.   Besides, the mortgage interest paid is still a tax deduction as well.

As a listing agent the more options a prospective seller will consider then the bigger the potential buyer pool.

Why wouldn't a seller consider allowing a purchaser to finance with a VA or FHA loan?

VA loans are very attractive for those qualified for them since they allow for a zero down payment purchase.  I think the perception of some is that a VA buyer has no money in the bank (reserves) so they must use the VA loan.  This is not always the case.  The VA loan does not require the purchaser have additional mortgage insurance which is a tremendous savings (a big reason to go VA over other types of loans).

The VA loan is a benefit provided to those who served this nation - not a hand out.  

FHA loans are attractive options for buyers as well.   One beauty of the FHA loan is the opportunity for buyers to finance with as little as 3.5% down payment.  It also allows for closing cost assistance from sellers.

A couple of reasons I have heard for sellers to not consider VA or FHA.... appraisals and time to close (extensions, delays, etc).

Regardless of the type of financing (including conventional loans) there are a lot of issues that can cause delays in closings.  The key is having open communication between seller and buyer agents as well as the  mortgage professional.  If buyers deliver all required documentation and inspections and appraisals are performed in a timely manner there should be little opportunity for delay.

As for the inspection problems... The VA and FHA appraisal process includes a bit more "inspection" than a conventional mortgage.   If a house has known problems or potential problems (like roof, AC, plumbing, water intrusion, electrical, etc.) then a seller should nix any FHA or VA loan potential upfront.   The reality is some of these problems could restrict financing completely. (If a home is older consider a pre-listing inspection.)

In the current Brevard County, Florida market it is common for sellers to receive multiple offers.  Should a seller take the cash only offer over offers with financing?  What about an FHA offer versus a VA offer?  Does the type of offer matter more than the price?

Consider all the offers very carefully.  Look at the whole offer as more than the price (the terms including the types of financing, inspection contingencies, requests for closing cost assistance, timeline for closing, etc.). 

A few final thoughts on VA and FHA loans...
  • Both loan types take about the same in my experience (as an agent and consumer).   
  • As for financing condos the complex must be VA or FHA approved before financing is possible.  
  • As to properties in need of repairs - An FHA loan may still be an option.  Although I have only had a couple of buyers use the program over the years [] it worked for them.   Talk to a lender about the FHA 203(k) loan although most buyers prefer a move in ready home to one with work to be done before move in.  Still, it took little a more work on everyone's part but it is possible.

I am not a mortgage expert.  However, I do have some local contacts who are well versed in conventional, VA and FHA loans.  I will be quite happy to put you in contact with one of these Brevard County, Florida lenders, just ask!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Consider These "Common" Rules When Buying or Selling a Home

In an ideal world every buyer pays the absolute best price possible and every seller feels good about the price they received.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to get the best price possible whether buying or selling.  

The home purchase/sale process goes more smoothly when participants understand the rules.  The rules below are not "laws" but rather what I call some "common" rules (common sense, common courtesy, common practice).

What are some rules to consider when buying or selling a home?
  • Contacting the name on the real estate sign will not get you a below market discounted price.  This flawed strategy assumes the listing real estate agent can get the seller to sign off on a better price.  The fallacy in this thinking is the listing agent has a contract with the seller that identifies the amount a seller pays to the buyer's agent as well as the seller's agent.  Why would the listing agent cut their compensation?    The listing agent has a responsibility to the seller that includes loyalty.   Remember this rule... an agent who divulges information that puts their customer at risk is being unethical. 
  • Going back to a seller to cut the agents out of the deal.  I have heard of this happening but have never been a "victim."   After being shown a home they really like a buyer goes back later in hopes of working deal to get the seller do a private sale at a lower price since they now don't have to pay real estate professional fees.  Most sellers hired a real estate agent because they understand the value of having representation.  They also know the written listing contract has protections in the agreement for the agent.
  • Thinking the seller will take less than the market price for a cash offer is likely a failed strategy in the current market.  Competition among buyers is keen with multiple offers common.   If the subject property's condition is such that an appraisal (FHA/VA) would reveal problems then the seller may opt for a lower cash offer.   Remember this rule... because there is no shortage of buyers most sellers of move in ready homes could care less whether the buyer is financing or paying cash.
  • Seller thinking a coat of paint over a problem will hide a previous issue.  In this high tech age there are ways to see behind the walls.  Inspectors have moisture meters to detect hidden problems.  Some inspectors use thermal imaging to reveal issues including leaks and poor insulation.   Remember this rule...sellers disclose, buyers verify.
  • Let the buyer fix it because its a seller's market.   This is not a failed strategy unless the seller is thinking they will still get their desired price.  Remember this rule...a house is only worth what a willing and able buyer will pay - regardless of market.
  • One strategy that may work for a seller or buyer is the for sale by owner.  Given the right property and knowledgeable parties this can be a wining strategy.  But rarely do the stars align for all parties.  Remember this rule...for sale by owner sellers or buyers who do not know the process or the market may end up losing
The first sentence above mentioned the results in an ideal world.

However, I believe in reality buyers need to feel okay with the price paid for a house while the seller needs to be satisfied they received a fair price in the exchange. 

If you are ready to buy a home in Viera, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850.   If you are considering selling your home, let me provide a free market analysis!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Buying a Home in Florida: Contract to Closing in 20 Steps!

If one is relocating to Florida and intends to purchase a home it is important to have an understanding of the home buying process in Florida.

Over the years I have heard the phrase "that isn't how we do that back home" quite a few times.  I am not saying the way one bought a house in another state is the wrong way but rather the the process is different here in Florida.

Actually there are differences from county to county within the state of Florida.  Consider title insurance for example, in Brevard County it is customary for the seller to pay for the buyer's title policy while in other counties it is a buyer responsibility.  Real estate is truly local.

I recommend buyers, even if experienced, ask for an overview of the home purchase process to make sure you and your agent are on the same page.  Most real estate agents will do this automatically as part of their standard practice. 

Here is a very general outline of the home purchase process as it relates to buying a house in Brevard County, Florida.  While the below steps are not all inclusive buyers must remember that with the home purchase process time is of the essence with items to be accomplished within specified time periods.
  • Choose your real estate agent. 
  • Choose lender. 
  • Identify Budget based on pre-approval, funds available and desires.
  • Identify area of home search. 
  • Determine characteristics of target property.  
  • Find and negotiate offer. 
  • Deposit escrow funds.
  • Conduct property inspections (home, pool, termite, septic system, etc.).   There is an order to the inspection process.  I prefer a buyer have the house inspected first.  If OK, then spend the money for septic and termite inspections. The property inspection contingency is important as it provides a buyer with a chance to walk away if the results are not acceptable. 
  • Review association rules and documents (budget, finances, etc.).  This, along with the inspections, is part of the due diligence process. 
  • Check out local schools, sexual predator lists, etc.  Remember, sellers disclose, buyers verify.
  • Remove property inspection contingency. 
  • Obtain home owner insurance binder.  
  • Mortgage appraisal completed.  Loan commitment received. 
  • Remove financing contingency.  
  • Survey conducted.   After all the inspection have been competed and the mortgage lined up then have the survey done.
  • Review closing statements.  
  • Obtain certified funds/wiring instructions to close.  Be careful here...Know who you are communicating with before clicking on email links.
  • Perform final walk through.  
  • Sign closing documents.
  • Done...take your keys and go home!
agent@moving2brevard.comThe above process does not contain every step in an exact order.  Every real estate agent operates independently but the above should provide a general idea of the process.

If you have questions about the home buying process in Brevard County, Florida, call me at 321-693-3850. 

If you prefer, send me an email.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Condos For Sale / Sold in Heritage Isle 55+ Community in Viera Florida (September 2015)

Located inside the gates of Viera, Florida's most popular 55+ community is the Terraces at Heritage Isle condo complex.

Currently there are five condo units for sale in the Terraces at Heritage Isle condo complex.  List prices range from $154,900 to $165,900.

All of these units are two bedroom two bathroom with detached covered parking. All are standard fair market sales.  Unit size varies form 1,194 to 1,232 square feet under air and were constructed in 2006/2007.

Condominium association fees for the Terrace at Heritage Isle condo complex run about $450 per month which includes things like water, sewer, insurance, landscaping, common area maintenance, cable as well as community amenities like the club house, recreation room, pool, tennis fitness center and much more.

It is critical prospective buyers review association documents to verify fees and what is covered before making an offer on any condo unit.   Also a review of the condo association financial documents is highly recommended before any purchase. 

Over the past six months there are five condo units sold in Heritage Isle.  Selling prices range from $138,500 to $167,000.   All were standard sales with two bedroom and two bathrooms.  Most condo units in Heritage Isle have views of the lake and Duran Golf course which is located next door.

The units sold included:
  • 6848 Toland Drive #205 - sold for $150,000, 1237 sq.ft., Asbury floor plan.
  • 6858 Toland Drive #101 - sold for $154,900, 1,408 sq.ft., ground floor end unit.
  • 6848 Toland Drive #305 - sold for $138,500, 1,194 sq.ft.
  • 6848 Toland Drive #302 - sold for $148,000, 1,232 sq.ft., Brookside model.
  • 6838 Toland Drive #308 - sold for $167,000, 1,408 floor Colande model.
For information on buying a home in Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.  

Also, ask me about Viera's other two 55+ communities - Grand Isle and Indian River Colony Club (IRCC).   Read this comparison of Heritage Isle and IRCC.  

In my opinion these 55+ communities are like people....different personalities and different excitement levels!  Let me set up a tour so you can see for yourself!

Friday, September 11, 2015

Rockledge and Viera, Florida Homes For Sale - Average Selling Prices by Subdivison (Sept 2014 - Sept 2015)

Typical Fairway Takes Home
Listed below are fifteen subdivisions located in the Rockledge and Viera, Florida area of Brevard County with average selling price for the twelve months ending September 10, 2015.

The Viera subdivisions are annotated as east and west which denotes location relative to Interstate 95.   Most of the developments west of I-95 are newer.

Click on each subdivision name to be linked directly to a close up map of the community.
Somerville Home

Phillips Landing (Rockledge) - $215,000
Chelsea Park (Rockledge) - $258,000
Ashwood Lakes (Rockledge) - $200,000
Plantation Point  (Rockledge) - $300,000
Ventana (Rockledge) - $296,000
Enclave (Rockledge) - $189,000
Westwood (Rockledge) - $295,000
Somerville (Viera East) - $240,000
Auburn Lakes (Viera East) - $199,000
Westwood Home
Wingate Estates (Viera East) - $324,000
Bayhill at Viera East (Viera East) - $196,500
Grand Isle (Viera East) - $262,000 [55+, gated]
Fairway Lakes at Viera (Viera West) - $541,000 [gated]
Ravencliff (Viera West) - $462,000 [gated]
Indigo Crossing (Viera West) -  $240,000
Chelsea Park Home

For information on buying or selling a home in Rockledge, Florida or the planned unit development of Viera, please give me a call at 321-693-3850 or send me an email.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Do Sellers Hear Different Words From Different Realtors When Asking the Same Questions During the Listing Interview?

When deciding on a real estate agent to sell your Florida home I suggest prospective home sellers interview at least three agents. 

While the words and method of presentation will likely vary greatly, in an ideal world, the overall information received should be somewhat similar.

Why should the messages be similar? 

In an almost ideal world a seller selects a local Realtor with local knowledge, experience and access to the best source of local real estate information (the local multiple listing system).   Utilizing this information and experience the presentation should result in a relatively similar price recommendation.  Period.

But the words, recommendations and marketing plans will most likely be different.

Why the difference?
  • Sometimes the difference can be accounted for by comparable selection when performing the analysis.  The adjustments made to properties can vary somewhat among agents.  I have seen two different appraisals vary as well.  There is a bit of objectiveness to the process.
  • Sometimes the differences can be accounted for because a real estate agent has not asked enough questions of a seller (motivation, needs, goals, issues with the property, time line...well, you get the picture.).
  • Sometimes experience on an agent's resume does not equate to success  
  • Sometimes the questions may have been asked but the real estate agent misunderstood or did not hear the answers.  Listening is one of the most important traits a seller needs in a Realtor.
  • Sometimes the difference could be in the motivation of an agent. Marketing plans reflect an agent's attitude toward technology, experience and previous successes. 
  • Sometimes a real estate agent may be more concerned about getting the listing and simply asks what a seller thinks their home is worth and using that as the listing price.  Some agents are more concerned about getting listings (signs out front equals leads even if a house is over priced).
The above explanations of potential differences in real estate agent presentations is not a finite list.  Real estate agents are human.  Sometimes there are errors.

But in the end, regardless of what an agent tells the seller or what a seller wants to hear, the real estate market will determine the selling price (value).

The time it takes to sell a property, smoothness of the process and ultimate success will be determined by the real estate agent hired.  So I suggest interviewing three at a minimum!

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