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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

What should a seller expect from their real estate agent from the initial interview to the transaction closing.

Whether seller or buyer, when all is done, real estate consumers want to know their agent did the best job possible for them.

More importantly, they should expect nothing less!

What should a seller expect from their real estate agent from the initial interview to the transaction closing.   Presented here is a general overview of what most sellers I work with expect (and receive). 

Unless one is an investor the buying and selling of a house is not a frequent event.  Most consumers have little knowledge of the process so one of their selected real agent's primary responsibilities is to be an educational resource and guide.  This will also help sellers establish their expectations.

During the initial agent interview sellers should expect to receive an overview of the current real estate market.  This should include what is happening in general including interest rates, types of buyers (financing, cash, etc.).   The process should be reviewed as well. 

Prospective sellers should expect to be asked a lot of questions.  
  • One of the first questions will be about the reason for selling as this is the whole purpose of the interview. 
  • To assist in marketing your home expect to be queried about the things you like best as well as least about your home.
  • Expect a conversation about your home's condition and any current repair issues. 
  • Your existing mortgage, if any, will be a topic of discussion as the type of sale and net proceeds are discussed.  
  • The net proceeds will be tied to the conversation about the market analysis, pricing strategies and time line.  Expect me to tell you who your likely buyer will be and how long it will take to close the transaction based on listing price and circumstances of sale.  Expect a discussion about safety issues and how scheduling appointments will work. This will include an explanation of the pros of having an electronic lock box on your home.  
  • As sellers want feedback after showings expect to discuss the frequency, validity and usefulness of buyer feedback.  
  • Expect to spend a great deal of time on how to properly prepare your house for the market including staging, the value of pre-listing inspections, repairs to make, etc.
  • Expect to discuss the types of offer acceptable (cash is always OK but what about VA, FHA or Conventional financing?)
  • Expect, at minimum, a summary of your customized marketing plan.  During the conversation on the individualized marketing plan the pros and cons of an open house will be covered as well as Internet marketing and any print advertising efforts.   The obvious marketing tool is the real estate sign but sometimes sellers do not want a sign in their front yard.
  • Shortly after going active expect a copy of your MLS entry will be provided for review.  
  • We will discuss how often (and by what method) you can expect updates.
  • Finally I will insure you have my contact information so I am always reachable.
There are some discussion areas that will be addressed as the need arises once the process is in motion. 

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