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Thursday, September 10, 2015

Why Do Sellers Hear Different Words From Different Realtors When Asking the Same Questions During the Listing Interview?

When deciding on a real estate agent to sell your Florida home I suggest prospective home sellers interview at least three agents. 

While the words and method of presentation will likely vary greatly, in an ideal world, the overall information received should be somewhat similar.

Why should the messages be similar? 

In an almost ideal world a seller selects a local Realtor with local knowledge, experience and access to the best source of local real estate information (the local multiple listing system).   Utilizing this information and experience the presentation should result in a relatively similar price recommendation.  Period.

But the words, recommendations and marketing plans will most likely be different.

Why the difference?
  • Sometimes the difference can be accounted for by comparable selection when performing the analysis.  The adjustments made to properties can vary somewhat among agents.  I have seen two different appraisals vary as well.  There is a bit of objectiveness to the process.
  • Sometimes the differences can be accounted for because a real estate agent has not asked enough questions of a seller (motivation, needs, goals, issues with the property, time line...well, you get the picture.).
  • Sometimes experience on an agent's resume does not equate to success  
  • Sometimes the questions may have been asked but the real estate agent misunderstood or did not hear the answers.  Listening is one of the most important traits a seller needs in a Realtor.
  • Sometimes the difference could be in the motivation of an agent. Marketing plans reflect an agent's attitude toward technology, experience and previous successes. 
  • Sometimes a real estate agent may be more concerned about getting the listing and simply asks what a seller thinks their home is worth and using that as the listing price.  Some agents are more concerned about getting listings (signs out front equals leads even if a house is over priced).
The above explanations of potential differences in real estate agent presentations is not a finite list.  Real estate agents are human.  Sometimes there are errors.

But in the end, regardless of what an agent tells the seller or what a seller wants to hear, the real estate market will determine the selling price (value).

The time it takes to sell a property, smoothness of the process and ultimate success will be determined by the real estate agent hired.  So I suggest interviewing three at a minimum!

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