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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Choosing a Real Estate Agent: Promises...Results.

I heard a quote from the Florida Gator coach earlier this week that referred to whether or not his team was a one hit wonder or could they back for their prior performance (putting a whipping on Ole Miss last Saturday night).

The same point can be said about real estate agents.  In this business you are only as good as your last game (transaction).

When home sellers start interviewing real estate agents the line of questioning should include results. 

The interview is the place where we all say the same thing..."Hire, me, me!The interview is the place where promises are made.  The interview is where only the best is portrayed.   

Agents have been know to advertise "we have thousands of buyers."   They neglect the other important criterion like "qualified" and "motivated."  While it may sound impressive the key selling a home is finding "ready, willing and able buyers."

Where are the results?    It is not necessarily about how many listings an agent has had in your neighborhood.  It is about how many listings actually sold.  It is about how well the seller's goals were met (like time line,selling price, etc).  It is about how smooth the process went from listing date to closing date.

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