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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Home Buyer Tips: Who pays your real estate agent?

I was working with a renter a couple of weeks ago who made the comment to me that if I helped hm find  a house he would pay me a bonus.  I let him know that the owner paid the tenant's real estate agent when finding a rental property.

I have had previous conversations with new home buyers when I was asked how how much I charged to help find a home to purchase.

Dealing with real estate agents is not a common occurrence for most people.  here is a summary of the normal arrangements for who pays the real estate agent (as practiced in Brevard County, Florida).
  • If you are looking for a rental property that is listed in the MLS, the owner pays the "renter's agent," not the renter.
  • If you are the buyer of a property that is listed for sale in the MLS system the seller has agreed to pay a previously established fee to your real estate agent.  If the property is a for sale by owner (also known as a FSBO), your agent may be able to negotiate the seller to pay the agent fee.   In this case, do not approach a seller if you have an agent, let them contact the seller first. (Inexperienced buyers should use caution when considering buying a home without a real estate agent). 
  • If you are the seller of a property, you will be paying your seller's agent and the buyer's agent.  However, there is no set (standard) fee.  Real estate professional fees- as most every thing in real estate -  are negotiable
If you are considering any transaction involving real estate, call on a local real estate professional to discuss the process and cost.    

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