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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Preparing Your Home For Sale: Appeal to the Senses.

How many times have you been shopping for clothes and saw something that was a possibility and then you peeked at the price tag?    For many of us price is an consideration even with clothing.

The discussion here is not about price although price is always a consideration.

Whether buying a house, car or clothes, serious buyers most often make the first decision based on what they see

Take a look at the menu at most restaurants.  While there may be descriptions most often there is a photo that appeals to the diner's eye.

When selling a house photos and videos help sell.   But MLS photos are only on the homes for sale menu to get prospective home buyers in your house.  It is critical home sellers prepare their homes in such to appeal to buyer's senses from the moment they pull into the drive way. 

How do sellers prepare their house for the market?

Start with the landscaping, driveway and walkways.  Remove as many stains as possible as well as clearing the pathway to the door.

Take a look at the front door.  Does it need a fresh coat of paint?  At a minimum it probably needs cleaning.

When one enters the house will they find it dark and dreary?  Is the paint personalized or extremely loud?  Neutral paints make small spaces appear larger and are more appealing to buyers. 

Most people have pets.  But pets sometimes create odors.  It is easy to get used to odors and smells.  When was the last time the carpeting was really cleaned?

What about the space utilization and layout of the house?  Is there too much stuff?  Overstuffed, large furniture may be comfortable but if it takes up half the room it may be a bit of a turn off to buyers.  It is not necessary to keep all those trophies and awards out for public viewing.  Are there too many photos that will distract people from the house?

Finally, it should go without saying but think clean.   Cleanliness is especially critical in the most important rooms in a house - the kitchen and bathrooms.

The above is not an all-inclusive list of things to consider when preparing to sell a home.  Rather it is jut a short list of items to consider.

The bottom line:  Buyers will judge a house with their senses especially smell and vision.

The strategy:  While people may come as shoppers, have them to leave as buyers.  

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