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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Real Estate 101: Denying the Real Market Does Not Change the Real Estate Market.

Buying and selling a house is about one thing - expectations.  Buyers have expectations.  Sellers have expectations.

When they meet, deal done!  But sometimes that is easier said.

Whether working with buyers or sellers, as a Melbourne, Florida real estate agent, I must bring expectations into a reality focus.

A couple of weeks ago I met with a home owner who thought his home was worth "at least $800,000."   This seller had put a couple of hundred thousand dollars in updates at some time over the past few years.

This owner's expectation of value illustrates a common view among owners.  That is, their home is the absolute best in the neighborhood and the price should recognize the differences.   

Then recently I was working with buyers who seemed to think all list prices were high.  Indeed there are some over priced homes on the Brevard County market as it does favor sellers right now.

Every house is different.  Every seller is different.  Every situation is different.  Some sellers price to sell now.  Some price to sit.  Some sellers are motivated.  Some sellers can wait. Some buyers are tire kickers. Some buyers are ready to jump.

This morning I heard a commercial on the radio that started out with  "Do you think you are fat?  It could be you are just bloated."

I have no clue what they were selling but it reminded of buyers and sellers at times who are in denial of the real real estate market.   Sellers should remember the ultimate price they receive will reflect condition, location, competition and circumstances of the sale.  Buyers likewise should remember the same.

A local knowledgeable real estate agent will keep buyers and sellers focused on the real market and not some misconception garnered from dated information on the Internet or personal bias.

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