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Monday, November 30, 2015

Selling Your Home: Think About The Buyer With These Two Questions.

I have written a lot of articles about preparing a home for the market.  When home buyers come through a house sellers have only one chance to impress.

I believe sellers should remember two keys points about prospective buyers:
  • People will judge a book by its cover.  
  • First impressions are difficult to change. 
Before their house hits the market sellers should ask themselves this question - "Why would someone want my house to be their home?"

There is also a second question home sellers should ask themselves - "What is there about my house that might turn prospective buyers off?"

That second question is probably the most difficult one for prospective home sellers to honestly answer.

When I see a multiple listing service (MLS) entry for a Florida hoem for sale that says something  like "was a three bedroom but one wall was knocked out to make larger bedroom master. Can be easily reconverted."

Another MLS factoid that I hate to see goes something like "garage made into living area but can be changed back."

In many cases the garage door is still present but some walls have been put up to give the appearance of a living space but no air conditioning has been added.    Probably most critical is very often a lack of professional quality work or the permitting of work done or as I like to call it "collateral damage!"

Most buyers of single family homes, in my opinion, want more than two bedrooms.  If one is selling why remove most potential buyers from looking by marketing it this way?   If you are selling anyway and know the buyers will likely want three bedrooms, why not "undo" the work prior to marketing?   After all, it "can be easily reconverted." 

The same can be said about garages.    Most buyers do not want to do de-construction after closing!

Back to the two questions asked above.  Buyers will be able to see the reasons why they would want your house.

The key is to make sure any negatives are overshadowed by the good.

Here are some articles that discuss preparing to sell your home:

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