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Friday, December 04, 2015

Buying Your Florida Home: How to View a Listing.

Would a home buyer ever tell a seller they are ready ready to pay full price?  Not very often, if ever.

I read an article this morning that discussed a situation where a buyer's offer was not accepted and the seller countered the offer at full price.  The reason why?   The buyers had said they would pay full price.

In this case the house had a security system that recorded what was going on in the house.   Agents and buyers must assume the house has one even if not visible.   Buyers, as well as their agents, should view homes with an attitude of "loose lips sink ships."

It is easy to understand why sellers use surveillance as they have no clue who these strangers are going through their house.   Even most real estate agents do not "know" their customers beyond the qualification process (ability to purchase, pre-approval, interviews, etc.).

Sellers should have been educated on what to expect from prospective buyers when they view their home.

Buyers should be educated on some standards of etiquette or rules to observe during showings.  These could best be summarized by one word - courtesy.

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