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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Home Seller Tips: Great Staging Will Not Overcome Deficiencies

I recently read an MLS entry that included this sure to impress sentence:  "Both bathrooms with highly sought after original VINTAGE TILES!"

I admit I am not an expert on tile, vintage or new.  Heck I did not realize there was a difference in old tiles.  This particular house was built in 1964 and is probably not much different than other un-updated homes in Merritt Island, Florida.

I guess this marketing is preferred over a staging plan that distracts from weaknesses.  (Clue: Buyers look under rugs.)  

When getting your home ready for selling remember a great staging job will not overcome deficiencies in design, structure or condition. Your house is what it is.

What is staging?   Think presentation.  Staging is not decorating.  Staging is not a smoke screen or cloak. 

Someone has said that staging is the frosting on the cake.  It may look nice and desirable but deep down if the cake is poorly made, who wants it?  

Still, staging can be a significant difference maker.  But, if your house has flaws and defects that need to be addressed staging may not matter.

Investor homes and flips always make me a bit cautious when working with inexperienced buyers.  Who really knows what the paint is hiding? What problems existed before the investor bought the home?

If you are in the process of preparing to sell your Melbourne, Florida home, here are some tips to consider.
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