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Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Home Buyer Etiquette: Buying a house is not like going to Walmart!

Going to Walmart does not require a great deal of thinking.  The biggest challenge to hitting Wally World is finding a place to park where your car does not get a ding from another inconsiderate driver or a loose shopping cart!

Shopping for a house is not the same as shopping at Walmart.  It requires a lot more planning and coordination.

Here are a few suggestions for home buyers:
  • Time is valuable.  Your time as a prospective buyer may not be important but consider the others who will be impacted by your "shopping."   For example, the seller who may have to leave their home, drop what they are doing and get gone while you are viewing their house.  Be considerate.  Arrive on time and stay only as long as necessary to
    view the home.  By the way, your real estate agent's time is valuable as well. they may like you but socializing like long lost friends does not put groceries on the table.
  • Look but don't touch.  It is not necessary to open every drawer and closet in the house.  This goes for the youngsters as well. 
  • Stay within your budget, neighborhood, etc.  If a property is completely out of consideration, don't go.  The purpose of seeing homes is to locate your next home.  If your budget maximum is $200,000, don't ask your agent to show you $275,000 homes unless you have a real possibility of increasing your budget.  Most responsible, conscientious agents would not go that far out of budget anyway.
  • Watch what you say.   In many homes these days there are security systems.  Be aware that there may be some eyes or ears on you.  If you like a house, don't discuss price, offers and the like.  You never know.... There Really is a Time to be Quite!
  • Honor seller requests.  There are times sellers will request shoes be removed when viewing homes.  Many times there are show covers available.   These are not major inconveniences.
  • Limit trips.  Going back to see a house fro a second showing is often desirable before making an offer.  But once an offer has been agreed on try to limit the disruptions to the sellers.  Try to combine activities like room measurements, window sizes, etc with the home inspection. While you are there accomplish these little things as well.
  • Be open and honest.  If you don't like a house.  Tell your agent so you can both be on the the same page when deciding which houses to look at.  Remember suggestion one above.  Your time is just as valuable as any seller or real estate agent!
To paraphrase something I read in the past... When you open a seller's front door they are allowing you a look into their life and house. Be respectful of both.

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