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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Selling Your Home: The Only Price That Matters

The number one consideration when thinking about selling your house is price.   

But which price?   

Is it the value that comes to mind based on the price paid and its increased value plus the cost of additions and updates?  That sure would be an easy way to come up with a price. 

Or is it the price your neighbor got for their house plus an amount more because your house is better?  Or is it the price listed on some web site that tells you what your home's Z-estimated value is?  Probably not because these are always low, right?

Its certainly not that low ball price the real estate agent gave you when they tried to get your listing?  Certainly not because the other guy said it was worth more! 

Or did you feel beet about the other real estate guy who gave you the highest price during their listing presentation?  Now that agent appreciated what my house has to offer!

Pricing your home to sell is key.  Priced too high and it will linger on the market for a long time.  

In the current Brevard County, Florida single family home market the median days on the market is around thirty days.   This means half the homes listed for sale are under contract in less than a month.   Move in ready homes are frequently sought by multiple buyers.

To price a bit under the market or at the low end of the market is not the same as "under sell."

No seller can be compelled to accept any offer.   There is absolutely nothing wrong with pricing low and getting multiple offers! 

Ultimately it will be the price that, given the seller's circumstances, the condition of the property and motivation of the seller matches the motivation of a ready willing and able buyer.  

This meeting of the minds will determine the only price that matters....the market price.
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