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Monday, February 29, 2016

Remodels, Updates and Permits.....

Why should the city care what I do with my house?    The main reason the city (county or whomever) cares is one word: safety.   There are other reasons including insurance company concerns as well as its the law.

Another very important reason - when it is time to sell!

Still, many people perform do it yourself work without required permits.   And while it may be a completely top notch job not having obtained required permits may create some doubt in the mind of a future buyer about the quality.

Many times the issue of permits does not surface until a prospective buyer orders a home inspection.   A couple of the property inspection companies I have worked with in this area will check for outstanding permits and any additions.  This also allows them to identify age of roof, etc.

In some areas buyers will check permits themselves by calling the appropriate building permit office, telling them they are considering a purchase and asking about permits.

Back to potential problems when selling.

Most inspection contingencies (usually part of the purchase process) are viewed by buyers as a "Get Out of Jail Free Card."  Here in Florida the home inspection results are completely subjective

If some issue (including permits) is un-covered many buyers will attempt to get a repair done or a price concession so they can address it later.  This attempt to re-negotiate or resolve the situation, in my experience, often works.  

Sometimes the issues impact the appraisal and/or the ability to get a mortgage approved.  These are usually serious deficiencies.  And if the work should have had a permit pulled then the process may take a bit of an effort to resolve.

When it comes to home improvements, additions and remodeling I encourage owners to know their limitations as well as the building code/permit requirements.

Probably the hardest to recognize is one's limits.  People will, if given a chance and the free time, attempt DIY projects just above their level of competence

Yes, I have been there as well!

If you are considering doing some work on your home, check with the local permitting folks first if you are doing it yourself.  If you are hiring a licensed contractor they know the rules and the process. 

Updates and remodels are great when it comes time to sell your home.

Ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home?  I want help. Call or text me at 321-693-3850.

Home Seller Tips: Using the right bait for the right target....

I advised someone a couple of days ago to keep the bait in the water and some one may bite.  In this case he was not selling a house, car or any high priced items.

My response was not "bait" specific.  

I am not a fisherman.  Never have been.

I remember a fishing trip I went on when I was about ten years old.  It wasn't really much of a trip...just a short ride with my Uncle Harold to the Ocklawaha River in north central Florida.

On this particular trip I remember eyeing this huge catfish.  OK, huge for me is not the same as when Donald Trump uses it. #Trump2016

The water was shallow and the fish was probably only about 10 feet away from me.  I kept tossing my bait over to the fish.   It even bounced off its head a few times yet was still ignored.

I kept my bait in the water near it until time to go home.  Not sure but I likely passed up other fish while concentrating on the "big one."

So my "keep the bait in the water" advice is not correct.

How does this relate to real estate?  Glad you asked!

Not long ago I had a buyer make an offer on a house in the Viera, Florida area.  The MLS listing said it all... Seller says bring all offers!

Now that first sentence said it was the bait!

But, an offer of about 95% of the "bring all offer price" was rejected.

Obviously the proclamation to bring all offers was not the right bait.  The seller was only interested in the big catfish.

If you are selling your home the most efficient process is to use the right bait for your goal.

If your goal is moving the house quickly, the bait of choice is reasonable price for location, condition and competition.

If your goal is getting the most money for property, regardless of time on the market (danger, Will Robinson),  be patient and make sure the marketing approach isn't "bring all offers."   

The key point...match your bait to the target.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Indian River Colony Club (IRCC) in Viera, Florida - 55+ Maintenance Free LIving

Indian River Colony Club is one of three age restricted (55+) communities in the planned unit of Viera located north of Melbourne, Florida.  Indian River Colony is different from the other two communities (Grand Isle and Heritage Isle).

Without listing the differences I want to focus on what IRCC offers here.

Founded in 1986 as a community for former military officers, Indian River Colony Club is a gated community with gates manned twenty four hours every day.   While still mostly former military members, ownership has changed with IRCC now offering a mix of non-military folks as well.  

Indian River Colony Club offers country club living in the best place in the world - near central Florida's beaches.

The location is ideal... Orlando International is about 45 minutes away, medical offices, VA Medical Clinic and the new Viera Hospital are nearby.   Shopping and restaurants are convenient, Brevard Zoo and the Maxwell King Center for Performing Arts and much more! 

While the facilities offered are immense the main appeal of Indian River Colony Club -  the worry free advantage of true maintenance free living.

As a real estate broker working with buyers relocating to central Florida the question of age (not mine) but IRCC does come up.  (Grand Isle and Heritage Isle were all built after about 2000.)

Sure, the community is older but age does have its advantages.  I was recently made aware of some planned new construction to be taking place at Indian River Colony Club in the near future....ask me for more information.    

What does IRCC offer?  As mentioned above, the draw is maintenance free living.  What is covered?  While you must check the official documents for details, in general, you name it, it is covered.   Appliance problem, no problem.  Pest control issue, no problem.  Roof issue? No expensive repairs.  Landscaping, covered.  Plumbing issue, no expensive plumber!  Exterior painting need or pressure washing of your house or driveway?  No problem!   

What facilities?  Golf course,  with pro shop, three tennis courts, 3,000 sq.ft. heated pool (some homes have their own pools), shuffleboard, fitness center, At Ease Club, and more!  
And there are lots of activities and clubs to keep residents active including things like aquatics, Zumba/yoga, Wive's Clubs (for all branches), tennis, Masons, computer clubs, card clubs, social activities and whatever you desire!

There is a price to the advantage of maintenance free living as well as living in a gated country club!  The monthly fees are based on the floor plan of your home.  And there is a "buy in" for ownership in the community (remember homeowners own all facilities).  Here is a link to an older fee sheet and some prices may have changed.

The Grand Isle and Heritage Isle community fees are around several hundred dollars a month but these communities are not true maintenance free living nor do they have their own golf course, etc.  I was discussing fees earlier today with an IRCC resident who had analyzed these fees in light of maintenance issues (major and month to month/daily) as well as the worry free benefits.  He did make a compelling case, for sure.

What is for sale at Indian River Colony Club

Currently there are about 26 homes for sale in IRCC with prices ranging from the lower $100,000s (smaller duplex) to $329,900.   There is great variability in homes sizes from the lower 1,000 sq.ft. range to more than 3,000 sq. ft. with three car garage.  

Most homes are either three or four bedroom with two bathrooms and two plus size garage.  One of the advantages to many of these homes is the garages will accommodate larger vehicles like crew cab trucks (had a customer who had to do the "truck" test before purchasing!).

A word about prices... While homes are maintenance free home owners make changes.  Some are updated and renovated.  Some have less modern touches.  This is reflected in the pricing.

To answer the question "What is for sale in IRCC?" see the link below:

What has recently sold in Indian River Colony Club?

There have been twenty one homes sold in IRCC over the past six months as reported in the Brevard MLS system.   Selling prices ranged from $104,000 (foreclosure) to $245,000. 

Without detailing each and every sale by price here is a summary of these twenty one sales:
  • Three sold - $200,000 or more 
  • Three sold - $180,000 to $195,000 
  • Three sold - $160,000 to $165,000 
  • Six sold     - $134,000 to $150,700 
  • Three sold - $122,500 to $125,000

If you would like more information on Indian River Colony Club, send me a text to 321-693-3850 or email.  

    Tuesday, February 23, 2016

    Brevard County, Florida Residential Market Update January 2016

    Below is a summary of the Brevard County, Florida real estate market for January 2016 divided into two segments:  (1) Single Family Homes and (2) Townhouse and Condominiums.

    Single Family Home Market:  Sales about level, prices rising, inventory decreasing.
    • Closed Sales -  Down 1.5% in January 2016 with 602 closings vs. 611 in January 2015.
    • Cash Sales - Decreased 12.0% compared to January 2015.
    • New Pending Sales - Down 10.3%
    • New Listings - Decreased 7.8%
    • Median Sales Price for Brevard Single Family Homes - Up 17.2% to $164,038 compared to a year ago ($140,000)
    • Months Supply of Inventory - Down 14.7% to 2.9 months vs. 3.4 months in January 2015
    • Traditional Sales - Increased 16.9% (median sales price of $178,900)
    • Foreclosure/REO Sales - Dropped  46.8% (median sales price of $99,375)
    • Short Sale Closing - Decreased 40.0% (median sales price of $117,050)

    Condominium and Townhouse Market:  Traditional sales up, distressed sales down, inventory shrinking and prices rising.
    • Closed Sales - Down 6.6% in January 2016 with 155 closings compared to 166 in January 2015, with an decrease in cash sales by -24.1% compared to January 2015.
    • New Pending Sales - Down 19.9%.
    • New Listings - Increased 4.4%
    • Median Sales Price for Townhomes/Condos - Up 19.0% to $138,000 compared to a year ago ($116,000)
    • Months Supply of Inventory - Down 11.6% to 4.0 months compared to 4.6 months in January 2015.
    • Traditional Sales - Increased 6.0%, with a median sales price of $141,000.
    • Foreclosure/REO Sales - Decreased 52.0% with a median sales price of $65,985.
    • Short Sale Closing - Down  85.7% with a median sales price of $62,000.
    For information on homes for sale in Melbourne, Florida, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

    Above statistics provided by Space Coast Realtors.

    Saturday, February 20, 2016

    Jameson Place in Rockledge, Florida - Gated Condo Living - Market Update February 2016

    Jameson Place in Rockledge, Florida offers gated condo living at very affordable prices.  Centrally located (south Rockledge, north Viera) with easy access to US1 and I-95, Jameson Place is ideally suited for anyone commuting to the Kennedy Space Center, Melbourne, Patrick Air Force Base as well as any place beach side. 

    Jameson Place allows short commutes to everything one needs.  Orlando and its attractions are only an hour away as well. 

    With its community pool, playground and nearby parks, Jameson Place offers its residents a comfortable lifestyle at very affordable prices.  Also close by are several golf courses, superb schools,shopping and medical facilities.

    Jameson Place condos offer single level living space with an attached garage.  These condos are two
    story with laundry room and garage down stairs for the second floor unis.

    Nearby conveniences include retail shopping, restaurants, several golf courses, excellent schools and more.  Jameson Place is also located on the Viera limits line so you don't have the additional planned unit development taxes associated with Viera.  Association fees in Jameson Place are about $155-$160 a month.

    What is for sale in Jameson Place?

    Currently there is only one unit for sale in Jameson Place.  A three bedroom two bath unit offered at $142,500.   Another three bedroom unit listed recently but was under contract in a matter of days  By the way another three bedroom two bath unit will be on the market in the next week or two.

    Most of the units on the market or listing soon are in the $140,000-$145,000 range. 

    What has recently sold in Jameson Place?

    Since January 1, 2016 there have been three units sold in Jameson Place.  All of these units were standard sales.  Units sold included:
    • 4056 Meander Place #201 - 3 bedroom 2 bath 1,346 sq.ft. with preserve view, VA financing, $139,000 ($103.27/sq.ft. under air) 
    • 4076 Meander Place #205 - 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,079 sq.ft., cash sale, $115,000 ($106.58/sq.ft.) 
    • 4107 Meander Place #207 - 3 bedroom 2 bath 1,346 sq.ft., VA financing,  $135,000 ($100.30/sq/ft/)

    For information on the condos for sale at Jameson Place as well as The Ventura at Turtle Creek in Rockledge, call or text me  at 321-693-3850 or email me.

    Thursday, February 18, 2016

    1336 Gem Circle, Rockledge, Florida - Just Sold $184,000

    This 2004 built home located at 1336 Gem Circle in Rockledge, Florida sold for $184,000 on February 17, 2016.

    With 1,672 square feet under air, this pristine home offered three bedrooms two bathrooms and a two car garage in an ideal location - convenient to I-95, 10-12 miles from the beaches, and an hour from Orlando!   Other positives about this property...homeowner association fees are less than $500 a year and a smaller yard means less maintenance.

    Ready to buy a home in Rockledge, Florida?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850.

    Tuesday, February 16, 2016

    Home Seller Tips: Disclosure of Defects is a Shield

    With foreclosures there is usually very little property information available except what a prospective buyer can glean from public records.   Additionally, a good property inspector can likely provide some other very useful information.
    Image courtesy Stuart Miles at
    Perhaps the neighbors may know something about the property's past life.

    Still, more is likely unknown than known.

    What is the Latin phrase I am thinking of? Perhaps "caveat emptor."

    When buying a foreclosure the risks must be understood and accepted.

    Now when the foreclosure buyer becomes the seller several years later after using a house for rental income there is now a responsibility to disclose anything known about the property that materially affects its value.

    Just this week I saw a property disclosure for a property that stated "owner has never lived in the house. Has been a rental for eight years."  In this case the seller had not bought it at foreclosure but rather within one year of construction.

    Still, never lived in does not usually mean knows nothing.

    If there have been repairs, replacement items, systems issues, then the owner likely knows. (How many tenants repair everything in a house and never tell the owner?)

    Likewise, a real estate agent, whether working with a buyer or seller, must disclose anything that materially affects the value of a property if not readily apparent. Still, even owner occupants can forget to disclose something.

    As for the motivation of any seller, when it comes to property disclosure, buyers have no way to know for sure if something was overlooked intentionally or forgotten. It all comes down to "diligentia quam in suis."

    As a seller err on the side of disclosing unimportant items rather than omitting something that is potentially critical.   I recently read one agent call disclosures as a shield to protect sellers.

    Disclosure of some things is a matter of law. Disclosure of other things is a matter of conscience.

    Here is a post with links to eight posts about seller property disclosures.

    The above post was initially posted on my blog.  

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    Selling Your House: "Hope and Change" is not the way!

    No, this is not a take on your current President's campaign slogan of eight years ago.

    It refers to two different approaches to selling a home.
    1. Establishing a price optimistically above the market and hope an offer comes in soon.   Or, if a less than full price offer comes in, reject it and hope the next one is better.
    2. And when number one strategy fails, then a change of list price. 
    Selling your home is not an exact science.   

    While many things are known, like condition and competition, there are also a lot of unknowns when selling a house or condo.
    There are some signs your home is not priced right. 

    The obvious red flag is no showings.    Every home that goes on the market has a golden period.   When a seller lists a home for sale it needs to be ready to sell.  The time to prepare a home for the market is before - not during the golden period.

    And then there is what I consider the real test of list price... my 30-10-1 rule.  In a nutshell, if, within 30 days, a seller does not have at least 10 showings and 1 reasonable offer.

    Finally, whether buyer or seller, the challenge is often to not let emotions get in the way of the process.   Sellers, especially when the "house" has been "home" for many years, want to price in their memories.  

    Emotions unchecked can result in remorse...buyers or sellers!

    Ready to sell your Melbourne, Florida home?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850 if I can help in any way.
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    Saturday, February 13, 2016

    Does it matter if the buyer's offer is "cash" or getting a "mortgage?"

    Cash talks, right?  

    So does a mortgage - when it is done right!

    There are times when cash is the only method to purchase a home.  Such is the case in many foreclosure and auction properties.  

    Lenders (especially government mortgage loan guarantors like the FHA and VA) have standards that require a minimum standards be met (think health, safety).  Sometimes, as in the case of a property in poor condition, cash is the only available option.

    In those cases where cash is not the only option, cash buyers need to remember cash does talk but it does not always talk louder than a better offer that has financing.
      Most cash offers will still have conditions like inspections and appraisals.  

      In the case of a low appraisal the cash buyer has the option of going forward anyway while the mortgage applicant  will likely have to dig for more cash.

      Of course the reality is, whether cash or mortgage buyer, who really wants to buy a property that is worth less than what is being paid?

      Still, sellers do get excited about a cash offer if it is reasonable (and does not contain excessive contingencies).

      Still, sellers should understand  a buyer who is obtaining a mortgage should not be considered less desirable than a cash buyer.   A mortgage does not mean the buyer does not have the means.

      Especially when the mortgage buyer has already been through underwriting.

      Not all mortgage pre-approvals are the same!

      I am aware of one lender who offers a mortgage product that has been though the underwriting process already and its just a matter of finding the right house...just like a cash buyer! Its called the "TBD Loan."

      I am not a mortgage lender.  But I know one who can tell you about his mortgage product that allows you to compete with the cash buyers.  Complete the form below and I will put you in touch immediately.  


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      There is nothing in this for me - except,hopefully, you will choose to let me help you buy your Melbourne, Florida home.

      Finally, a word of advice to sellers  - evaluate every offer as a whole, not just the offer price.

      Considering selling your Viera, Florida home?  Call me at 321-693-3850 or send me an email for your free market analysis. 

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      Friday, February 12, 2016

      55+ Community Update - Viera, Florida - Grand Isle

      There are three 55+ communities in the planned unit development of Viera (Brevard County, Florida).  All three of these #age-restricted-communities share some characteristics like gated, clubhouse facilities and some degree of maintenance provided.

      Currently there are four homes for sale in Grand Isle.    All four of these homes are recent listings with two just recently being listed and two during December 2015.  
      All are standard sales and pricing ranges from $239,500 to $295,000. 

      Three of these homes are very simialr with 3 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage and just over 2,000 square feet under air.  The similarities are not unusual as the Grand Isle community was developed by one builder - Lennar Homes.

      Over the previous six months there have been nine homes sold in Grand Isle as reported in the Brevard MLS system.

      During the month of January 2016 there was one home sold in Grand Isle - a 2001 built three bedroom two bath two car garage home located at 1622 Keys Gate Drive that sold for $260,000 (as reported on Brevard MLS system).

      For information on buying a home in some of  Florida's premier 55+ communities in Viera, call or text me at 321-693-3850.

      Why Consider the School Zone When Buying a New Home?

      For parents of school age children schools matter when shopping for a home.  I suggest schools should matter when anyone is shopping for a home.  

      I will concede that there probably are a couple of buyer populations where school quality may not be a consideration -  Buyers seeking a 55+/age restricted community and most retirement age condominium buyers (think downsize, beach-side). 

      I have spoken with a few teachers over the years who told me that the grades are not really an accurate indicator of how good (or not so good) a school may be. 

      But, just as a scale is not an accurate indicator of how healthy a person is, the results may be an indicator.

      Still, smart buyers should take into consideration the quality of schools when shopping for a home.   There have been numerous studies conducted that show a correlation between school quality and home prices

      Why are some schools better than others?  I am not qualified to answer that question however I do believe there are some obvious influences.  The major factor - funding.  Higher home values equate to higher taxes which should mean more funds for education.  The environment, both physical and social, likely has an impact.  Then there are busing and school assignment zones.  And the list continues....

      I just reviewed the 2015 school grades report for Brevard County, Florida.  Since I market mostly in central Brevard County I wanted to check just some of the #2015FloridaSchoolGrades.  

      Some of the "A" graded schools included 
      • Rockledge High School, 
      • Viera High School, 
      • Merritt Island High, 
      • Cocoa Beach Jr-Sr High, 
      • Edgewood Jr-Sr High,
      • Satellite Beach High School,
      • Kennedy Middle School, 
      • Manatee Elementary, 
      • Quest Elementary, 
      • Ralph Williams Elementary, 
      • Andersen Elementary, 
      • Suntree Elementary.  
      The above list is not a comprehensive list of all central Brevard County public schools but it is an indicator of the area school quality.

      If school quality is a consideration then central Brevard County, Florida is a good starting point for your new Florida home. 

      Key Point:  Just as school quality may change over time so do assignment boundaries.  confirm with the local schools which school your child will attend before placing an offer on a house.

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      Thursday, February 11, 2016

      How Can I Compete With Cash Buyers in the Current Melbourne, Florida Housing Market?

      Price is really not everything when buying a home.   Still, the highest offer, on the surface, may have some additional appeal to a seller if the prospective buyer is paying cash.

      But an offer is more than just price.    It is the whole package including contingencies and conditions.

      Some of the more common contingencies include property inspections and financing.   All buyers have (or should have) an inspection contingency.   This is a powerful tool for a buyer's protection. 

      When a mortgage is involved there will be a financing contingency which will include an appraisal.  Even cash buyers commonly have an appraisal contingency.

      The cleanest offer (least contingencies, quickest closing, greater likelihood of a closing) will usually be the preferred choice as long as it meets the seller's goals.

      Let us assume two offers are equally appealing but one is a cash buyer while the other is a mortgage (typically at lest a 45 day closing, if approved.).

      Which will a buyer choose?   Most likely the cash buyer will win. 

      But, if a buyer has already been pre-approved through the underwriting process then the game just changed!

      As a buyer I think there is an increased comfort level with an already stressful process if a buyer knows they have already been pre-approved.

      Just because you don't have the cash on hand does not mean you can't shop like a cash buyer!

      I just became aware of a Florida mortgage banker who offers a "TBD" loan.  This mortgage loan can even the playing field.   Buyers get fully underwritten conditional approvals before they find the house.  Who says you need 45 days to close your home purchase - even with a mortgage????

      I am not a mortgage lender however if you want information on this program I will gladly share the lender with you.  I do not make anything off this referral but do hope you will allow me to assist you when buying your new Melbourne, Florida home.


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      If you want some other local Florida lender contacts, just send me an email.

      And when you are ready to shop for your new home in Melbourne, Florida, let me help you!

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      Wednesday, February 10, 2016

      Brevard County, Florida Real Estate Market: 2015 compared to 2014 (Single Family Home and Condo)

      If one is wants to know the direction Brevard County, Florida real estate is headed in 2016 then a look at 2015 performance against 2014 should provide the answer. 

      The single family detached comparison reveals...
      • Closed Sales went up 7.8% in 2015.  The number of units closed were 10,113 compared to 9,382 in 2014.
      • Cash Sales saw a decrease by -9.6% compared to 2014.
      • New Pending Sales went up 10.6%.
      • New Listings increased 2.5% in 2015.
      • Median Sales Price for Single Family homes climbeed18.6% to $162,500 compared to 2014 which was $137,000.
      • Months Supply of Inventory is down -12.1% to 2.9 months compared to 3.3 months in 2014
      • Traditional Sales increased 23.4% with a median sales price of $176,625.
      • Foreclosure/REO Sales declined -28.7% with a median sales price of $99,950.
      • Short Sale Closing went down -36.8% with a median sales price of $120,000.
      The Townhouse/condo market comparison looks like this....

      • Closed Sales increased 12.6% for 2015.  The number of units closed were 2,752 compared to 2,443 in 2014.
      • Cash Sales increased by 9.2% compared to 2014.
      • New Pending Sales climbed 20.0% in 2015.
      • New Listings are up 1.3%.
      • Median Sales Price for Townhomes/Condos is up 9.9% to $133,000 compared to 2014 which was $121,000.
      • Months Supply of Inventory is down -16.9% to 3.5 months compared to 4.2 months in 2014
      • Traditional Sales increased 24.8% with a median sales price of $141,500.
      • Foreclosure/REO Sales are down -28.3% with a median sales price of $75,375.
      • Short Sale Closing decreased -46.1% with a median sales price of $105,250.
      Considering buying a house in Brevard County, Florida, we can help.  
      Contact Waters Realty of Brevard at 321-693-3850 or send us an email.
      *Statistics provided by the Space Coast Realtors. 

      Monday, February 08, 2016

      Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida - Townhomes and Half Duplexes for Sale - Market Update February 2016

      Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida offers those age 55+ seeking gated resort style living several choices including condos, townhomes, half duplex units and single family homes.  This market update covers recent sales and offerings of townhome and half duplex units within Heritage Isle.

      What are the differences between half duplex units and townhomes in Heritage Isle?

      A couple of the significant differences between these style properties are size of the living area as and the garage size.   All of the duplex units have two car garages while all of the patio homes have single car garages.  

      Most of the patio style homes are from 1200 to 1500 sq.ft. range.   Size-wise, the  half duplexes rival the single family detached homes with most having more than 1,800 square feet under air.    

      What is the price range half duplex units in Heritage Isle?

      Currently there is only one half duplex for sale in Heritage Isle.  This particular unit is a foreclosure offered through an online auction company.  (Your real estate agent can assist with the purchase/offer.)  This 2005 built unit is a half duplex with three bedrooms two baths and a  two car garage with  1,835 square feet under air listed at $230,000.   Half duplex units are not as common in the Heritage Isle development as townhomes and single family units.

      How many half duplex units have sold recently in Heritage Isle? 

      Over the past six months there have been five half duplex units sold in Heritage Isle.   Selling prices ranged from $184,890 to $243,000.  The most recent sales were
      • 7121 Ralston Street - 2006 built Three bedroom two bath two car garage with 1,843 sq.ft. under air sold for $226,500 on 01/05/16.
      • 3702 Carambola Circle - 2006 built three bedroom two bath with 1,875 sq.ft. under air and two car garage sold for $243,000 on 12/18/15. 
      How many townhouse homes are for sale in Heritage Isle?

      Currently there is also one patio style townhouse for sale at just over $201,000 (these prices have risen a lot over the past few years!).   This two bedroom two bath unit has a one car garage.   

      One major difference between the single family homes and townhouses in Heritage Isle is the dues cover roof replacement with patio homes.   There are also another nine units under contract at this time.

      Over the past six months there have been fifteen patio style/townhomes sold in Heritage Isle.  Selling prices ranged from $173,300 to $204,900.   All of these units were similar in that they had two bedroom and two baths with a one car garage.  

      Interestingly of the ten lowest priced sales, eight were the newest units.   All built in 2015 these units sold for $173,300 to $189,990.   Most of the newer units were a bit more distant from the clubhouse than some of the re-sales which may account for some price differences.

      The three most recent townhouse sales included:
      • 5938 Van Ness Drive - 2015 built 2/21 with 1,517 sq.ft. under air sold for $204,900 on 01/22/16.
      • 3050 Le Conte Street - 2007 built 2/2/1 with 1,407 sq.f.t sold for $185,000 on 12/31/15.
      • 2740 Camberly Circe - 2005 built 2/2/1 with 1,353 sq.ft. sold for $185,000 on 12/11/15.
      For information on homes for sale in Heritage Isle,  call or text me at 321-693-3850.  If you prefer, send me an email.

      Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida - Market Update - Single Family Homes

      Heritage Isle in Viera, Florida is one of the largest and most popular 55+ communities in central Florida.  Located near Cocoa Beach and Orlando,  Heritage Isle is next door to the Duran Golf Club, near The Avenues Shopping complex and close to the newer Viera Hospital.  
      Heritage Isle offers residents a choice of condominium, patio style, and single family detached homes in a setting that offers features such as twenty-four hour manned gated entry, a 21,000 square foot club house, fitness center, library with computer stations, pools, tennis, lawn service/landscaping, concierge service available and much more. 

      What is for sale in Heritage Isle in Viera?

      Currently 16 single family homes are for sale in Heritage Isle.  List prices range from $220,000 to $459,900 (why not just say $460,000?)  

      Single family home prices have been steadily increasing in the Brevard County, Florida market.  The same holds true for Heritage Isle with only five of these offerings at less than $260,000.  Of these five listings there are two foreclosure listings which is pretty rare in Heritage Isle.

      Most of these are larger properties with the smallest being 1,825 sq.ft. under air. The two highest priced listings have over 3,200 sq.ft. with three car garages. While most of the listings are 3/2 there are some four and five bedroom homes available (moving to Florida, expect visitors, right?)

      How old are the homes for sale in Heritage Isle?  Of the current active listings, twelve of the sixteen were built between 2005 and 2008.   As of today there are nine other properties under contract and somewhere in the closing process.

      What has sold in Heritage Isle in Viera during January 2016?

      Five single family homes sold heritage Isle during the month of January 2016.  Selling prices ranged from $210,000 to $348,000.  One thing that was unusual in January - two of the homes sold in Heritage Isle were foreclosures.

      Homes sold in Heritage Isle in January included:
      • 3428 Ahern Place - This 2011 built 2,592 sq.ft. home offered three bedrooms three full bathrooms and and a three car garage as well as a private pool and sold for $348,000.
      • 3901 Funston Circle - A 2008 built four bedroom three bathroom three car garage home this property sold on January 8, 2016 for $298,000.
      • 6718 Sutro Heights Lane - Built in 2007 and selling for $210,000 the property was a foreclosure which offered three bedrooms two baths and two car garage and sold on January 29,2016.
      • 6218 Van Ness Drive - This new construction three bedroom two bathroom two car garage home with 1,677 sq.ft. sold on January 5, 2016 for $241,000.
      • 3374 Moonstone Lane - Also a foreclosure this 2006 built two car garage home with three bedrooms and two bathroom offering 2,127 sq.ft. sold for $220,000 on January 28, 2016.
      How do I receive information on homes for sale in Viera, Florida including Heritage Isle?  Call or text me at 321-693-3850.   If you prefer, send me an email.

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