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Thursday, February 04, 2016

Home Seller Tips: Updates and Repairs Best When Going With The Flow

Showing a Rockledge, Florida home for sale last week I was amazed at the lack of consistency in components.  The house just did not appear to fit together.

There was no consistent "flow."

For example, the kitchen and bathrooms had lower end laminate counters while there was a very elaborate tiled back-splash.   The ceiling fans in one of the bedrooms and family room were quite ornate.

There was this seemingly out of place column at the edge of the family room.  Then there was the carpet - obvious lower quality (builder's grade) and faded in areas.  The appliances appeared to be lower end as well.

None of the above characteristics in itself was bad. 

In this neighborhood the lower to mid-grade components were quite fitting.  It was the ornate, elaborate updates that seemed strange to my customer.

Homeowners need to consider the next buyer when performing updates.

What would a future buyer say?

If you are an investor doing an update in preparation to sell your Rockledge, Florida home focus on the neighborhood.

Concentrate on the characteristics of the competition.  The ornate fixtures you find on the clearance rack may not go with the flow!

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