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Monday, February 29, 2016

Remodels, Updates and Permits.....

Why should the city care what I do with my house?    The main reason the city (county or whomever) cares is one word: safety.   There are other reasons including insurance company concerns as well as its the law.

Another very important reason - when it is time to sell!

Still, many people perform do it yourself work without required permits.   And while it may be a completely top notch job not having obtained required permits may create some doubt in the mind of a future buyer about the quality.

Many times the issue of permits does not surface until a prospective buyer orders a home inspection.   A couple of the property inspection companies I have worked with in this area will check for outstanding permits and any additions.  This also allows them to identify age of roof, etc.

In some areas buyers will check permits themselves by calling the appropriate building permit office, telling them they are considering a purchase and asking about permits.

Back to potential problems when selling.

Most inspection contingencies (usually part of the purchase process) are viewed by buyers as a "Get Out of Jail Free Card."  Here in Florida the home inspection results are completely subjective

If some issue (including permits) is un-covered many buyers will attempt to get a repair done or a price concession so they can address it later.  This attempt to re-negotiate or resolve the situation, in my experience, often works.  

Sometimes the issues impact the appraisal and/or the ability to get a mortgage approved.  These are usually serious deficiencies.  And if the work should have had a permit pulled then the process may take a bit of an effort to resolve.

When it comes to home improvements, additions and remodeling I encourage owners to know their limitations as well as the building code/permit requirements.

Probably the hardest to recognize is one's limits.  People will, if given a chance and the free time, attempt DIY projects just above their level of competence

Yes, I have been there as well!

If you are considering doing some work on your home, check with the local permitting folks first if you are doing it yourself.  If you are hiring a licensed contractor they know the rules and the process. 

Updates and remodels are great when it comes time to sell your home.

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